A Long Day in the Air Mostly

Sunday, January 25, 2015
Waikoloa, Hawaii, United States

I won't go into gory details about our flights . Suffice it to say, after my initial panic that John did not arrive at the appointed 6:30 am at my house, John did get us to the airport by 7:00 am. Apologies to you, John, but I did get a bit stressed.

We had a pretty good schedule, getting to Chicago (thankfully no snow storm) where we ate some of the cheese, crackers & olive snack that I brought along. Then on to San Francisco where we had soup (Kara) and pot stickers (me) at a Chinese fast food place in the airport food court. Then around 5 pm we were off to Kona airport on the Big Island.

We arrived to warmth!! We deplaned via stairs into the open air airport. It took a bit to find the car rental place where we got upgraded to a 4-door Jeep Wrangler. A bright blue and up high, but I don't need a ladder or a boost, thankfully.

After a short drive through relatively uninhabited terrain - it is night so we really couldn't see much, we arrived at the Waikoloa resort area where Kara found our hotel - we were using GPS, and we got checked in and settled in our room . I had a few rough moments trying to get wi-fi but we have our balcony door open so we can hear the gentle Hawaiian breezes. We have an ocean view but I think it is more of a lagoon view....we shall see tomorrow. This place is quite fancy - should be interesting.

Kara is checking out what to do and where to eat. I forgot to bring my guide books - probably still on the kitchen island counter. Oh, well.. We have our concierge appointment at 9 am tomorrow so she can give us the scoop on everything we want to do.

Maybe I should give a quick explanation as to why we are vacationing at a Hilton resort in Hawaii - not my usual type of trip. When I was booking a NYC hotel after Emma and my first arrangements fell though, the best deal I could find was a mid-town Hilton Garden Inn off the AARP website. At some point, I was on the phone with a Hilton person and she offered me a special vacation package to Hawaii: a week in the resort with rental car - for a decent price...I thought. As she talked more and more, I was tempted, so I ended up taking it. I would have to use it sometime in the next year - from October 2014. John's Mom was interested and would have joined us but, unfortunately, I had booked Kara's and my flights by then and I couldn't find a decent price for the same flights.

So here I am with Kara at a Hilton ocean side resort for the week and then we move to another spot on the opposite side of the island near Volcanoes National Park.