Watersports Day

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Waikoloa, Hawaii, United States

It was a dark and stormy night ....just kidding! :)
It was a gorgeous day! We're in Hawaii!!!
So, we woke up kinda late (after 8am), then got a slow start because we took the morning to book our excursions. Around noon we made our way to Ippy's Hawaiin BBQ. We ordered a couple of fish things (mahi mahi & ono ?) with fries and salad and a coconut/vanilla/macadamia nut smoothie! We brought our lunch to Hapuna beach to eat before going out for our first time in the Hawaiian ocean! We thought it might be too cold for us since we both like our ocean water kinda on the warm side. But, after getting past the waist, we soon discovered the water to be absolutely wonderful! After only an hour to bop in the waves, we hurried back to catch the sunset boat trip and almost didn't make it (shocking, I know). The shuttle took us to our catamaran and we were led aboard. It was a friendly crowd of ~30 people. We were on our way! There were a few humpback whales coming to the surface, blowing out their holes, and showing us a few back ridges, a flipper or two, and a few tails. Unfortunately, no one was breaching for us today. It is mating/birthing season, so it wasn't out of the realm of possibility. They offered us a dinner of BBQ ribs, chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, and an assortment of veggies with dip. The bar was open; we had a crowd that took advantage of the opportunity. Not long after the sun set, we were offered cookies and finished with champagne! Quite a lovely outing. Back at the resort, we took the time to photograph some of the impressive art that lines the walls of the long hallway that leads from the front lobby to our building lobby. The end. -kjk

That about covers it. How did Kara manage to convey our whole day with its nuances in such a short time?? -dmm