Grand Cayman to the Panama Canal

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Gamboa, Gamboa, Panama
Day 2 - Georgetown, Grand Cayman
Interestingly, our first port is Georgetown and our last port is St . George...
At breakfast we all asked for V8. After a few minutes the gal came back and said it would be a few minutes more. Eventually the "V8" showed up. It was a little foamy, cause they had made it from scratch..but the best darn V8 we ever had!
We are at anchor, and we opted not to go on any organized tour here, as we've been here before and seen the good sights. So, we just tendered in and walked around town, not buying any of the outrageously beautiful and stupendously expensive jewelry here. That's it..banks and jewelry boutiques! We tried to go to trivia, but missed it cause they moved the location, so D & BS went to spa for a stretching class. Then dinner with Paul and Rose, and by chance, along the way, picked up tomorrow's speaker and new bride, who joined us. Both were quite engaging. Dinner followed by very amusing entertainment by a pianist/humorist. We sat in the back, in case we wanted to bolt, but he kept our undivided attention. Note: these shows all start at 9:30PM, so Moss Creek followers, you know it's got to be good to keep us up that late every evening!

Day 3 at Sea .
Last night the Captain announced tomorrow 40 knot winds and 15' seas, so Dori hit the Dramamine before bed. Well, the Captain wasn't kidding..we are rock and rollin' today! So, the first order of business was for D&BS to cancel their plans for doing Downward Dog at 8AM at the spa on deck 12.
We went to the lecture by the guy we had dinner with last night. Turns out, he is the "Curator of Music" at the Smithsonian! Lecture was about the influence of Caribbean ( via Africa) music on American Jazz. I believe it was the fist lecture we have been to on any of our cruises where neither George or Don fell asleep..not even for a second! After lecture, off to our favorite table by the pool ( actually it's by the pool bar), just to relax, have lunch, etc. There are lots of activities going on today, but between the high seas and just getting started, we all seem pretty content to opt for a slow day. D&G went to the Captains cocktail party, and met up with Paul and Rose. We 4 went to Prime 7, without a reservation, figuring lots of folks canceled, which was correct! Show postponed to a calmer night, as its kind of hard for these kids to do free standing backflips when the ship is pitching 30 degrees! So after dinner D&G went to Galleleo's for a nightcap . BS &D opted for a quieter night and ordered in.

Day4 Cartagena, Columbia
Off on an early tour of La Popa Monastery, and a pretty extensive walking tour of the Old City.
Cartegena really is a beautiful city and the juxtaposition of the old and new is fascinating. Then lunch at our favorite table by the pool ( bar), followed by requisite napping before having a "dresser" getting ready for dinner. Jim and Marge Fisher joined us for dinner, followed by a Sir Elton/Billy Joel review by the ABBA Fab group. Again an amazingly great and entertaining show.

Day 5 Panama Canal crossing
We got up at 6:30, to not miss a bit of the Panama Crossing, which we sure didn't as our ship had a 1 1/2 hour delay. We entered the locks around 9:00. D & BS snuck down to a "crew only" area to get great pictures of the first lock from sea level. We went thru the "old" Gatun locks. Apparently the new locks were closed for maintenance. Why not? The 100 year old locks have only been out of service once. Why would we expect the 8 month old new locks not to need servicing! Currently crossing Lake Gatun.
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