Nicaragua to Alcapulco

Monday, January 16, 2017
Tres Palos, Guerrero, Mexico
A Brief Interlude.
I have forgotten to include the weather, which is pretty weird for a weather junkie! Except for the high seas in the Atlantic, it's been warm and sunny . We ran into maybe 3-4 brief showers, then immediately reverted to sun.
As for amenities ...the sheets are silkier that mine, the towels are plusher and the laundry comes back folded between pieces of tissue paper..even the underwear!

Day 8- Corinto, Nicaragua. Sunny, 91.
We got to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and morning as our tour didn't leave until 11:45. The Tour was Colonial Leon and Bubbling Mud Pots. We started with a 1.25 hour drive to Leon, narrated by our very articulate and knowledgeable guide , although he was not as passionate about Nicaragua as was our guide 1 1/2 yrs. ago. Our walking tour of Leon was thru the square to the largest cathedral in Central America. We toured the cathedral then climbed 81 narrow stone steps to the roof of the cathedral. There we had a very unique perspective of the cathedral as well as 360 degree views of the city. Then off to the Mud Pots . There are 10's of volcanos in Nicaragua , 7 of which are active. These Mud Pots are at the base of one of the active volcanos, and are just that...bubbling Pots of Mud! We had been told to wear no jewelry and bring little cash, which we did, but we were very sorry we had not taken a few dollars to give to the beautiful children who were from the village by the Mud Pots and wanted to take our hands and walk with us. We got back to the ship at 5:15. We were supposed to have a safety drill at 5:15, and a 5:30 sail away. However two tour groups apparent got stuck in traffic ( traffic was trucks and bicycle taxis) and didn't make it back til 6:15, so drill and sail away delayed. We waited by the pool bar. By the time we got to our rooms, after 7:00 unshowered, etc, we figured best to just have burger and wine in. We had a wonderful evening sitting on the balcony drinking wine.

Day 9 Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala. Sunny, 89.
Today's tour took us to a coffee plantation, and it was a really fun and interesting day . What our tour guide lacked in command of the English language, he made up for with his personality and his heart. He is 1/2 Mayan and 1/2 Italian...apparently thanks to a sailor! He lives on the Atlantic coast and commutes 10 hrs. each way for this job! On the 1.25 hour drive into the mountains he did each of our personal horoscopes according to the Mayan calendar , and taught us Mayan mathematics. Their number system is based on 20. Once at the Plantation, we went on a nature walk through the area, followed by a film on the history of coffee in Guatemala. We then had a coffee break, with their coffee which was, even to us neophytes, obviously superior. Then on to the " production " parts of the plantation. Most of the production process, from the picking, final sorting, done by hand. There is machinery for the roasting, some of the washing and some of the sorting. This Plantation has very little production currently as they lost most of their plants to a fungus a few years ago. They do supply the beans to the Embassy at this time and hope to expand once their "baby" plants mature. Had a few hours to relax on the ship before dinner. Sorry to say, Shirley, we haven't made it to Trivia yet! We had dinner with Paul at the Italian restaurant , then on to the show, by a master ventriloquist. It was laugh out loud funny from start to end.

Day 10 At Sea. Party Cloudy. 85.
We went to our SI Music guy's next lecture on Ray Charles. He is 3 for 3 in keeping the guys awake! We then made Shirley proud by going to "Scattergories" , a team game event and coming in second, winning 2 Regent Rewards each. As we are off the coast of Mexico, lunch was a Mexican themed buffet. We rounded out the afternoon with D&G's first attempt at Trivia. We came in 4th. They "paid" 3 places! After 6 days of activity, a day at Sea had been welcome.
Dinner..Bobby Sue had Ostrich..and liked it!!! We did all make it to the show , a gal harpist, playing Latin and some pop on her harp. There is no way to possibly describe it, other than, maybe like a 54 string guitar and once again, the guys didn't fall asleep!
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