Day 5 At sea, Oahu and Maui

Thursday, January 26, 2017
Day 21. At Sea, 75 degrees, partly cloudy, seas 10-12' ( which is nothing!)
Note, a few updates and new pictures in previous post . Finally, it's like being on a cruise! All of the lounge chairs by the pool are out and occupied. For us, our now usual "day at Sea" routine. Lecture on Hawaii's first contact with visitors from the west, Jamie's lunchtime game ( we finally didn't win), lunch, writing seminar, iPhone/iPad lecture. Jeez, this is like work! Had to go by the Slots on the way back from the lecture, so not only happy, but also, lucky George won $10 on the penny slots in three rolls! Tonight was "Block Party" night, where we remet our neighbors with apps and cocktails while the Captain and Cruise Director run from floor to floor meeting everyone. We had a really fun dinner with Tina and Tyler, two of the on board entertainers. Interesting to hear about their excitement about seeing the world. Went to show " Three Divas", which was very good, then, finally we got to the Fantail for after dinner drinks with Cathy and Barbara.

Day 22. Land ho, on Oahu, 77 degrees and sunny!
An aside on the Doctor on's a "she" and she is young, Cuban and adorable, as well as competent. It's a riot to watch her "making her rounds" which she seems to do daily at the pool. She gives her patients a hug, all the while sneaking in a quick pulse, temperature and/or blood pressure test.
Today we went to a lecture on how the land in Hawaii went from being all owned by the king to being privately owned. The lecturer isn't great, but he is native Hawaiian, and his topics are very interesting, so we keep going . We then spent a few hours watching the ship approach Oahu and dock in Honolulu. A truly beautiful sight! We arrived around 1:00pm. Our tour was a " World
Tour Special Event" "Iolani Palace celebration and Fashion Show", which sounded totally hokey, but turned out to be really great. We all received true orchid lei's upon arrival we then toured the palace, then out on the extensive and beautiful grounds for the "fashion show" . The fashion show was presented by a narrator and wasn't as much of a fashion show as a history of Hawaii (except the models were beyond belief beautiful) . It was way more interesting that the lectures we' be been going to for the past 4 days! The historical society that put this on claimed them only bring out these costumes about once every two years. The event included Mai Tai's and an endless array of heavy local h'or derves . Back at the ship, we sat on our balconies ( cocktail in hand) and watched the Hawaiian sunset. We had a pizza party, eating in at D&G's. We originally were supposed to sail at 7:00 but because we got in late they extended our stay til midnight . This allowed our resourceful cruise director to get some amazing local talent, a group called "Maunalua and Their Lovely Hula Ladies", for the 9:30 show. They were three native singers, with their wives as their dancers. The guitar playing was amazing and about the dancers, I can only say there is something dead wrong with the western outlook that skinny is sexy and beautiful ! A philosophy we will embrace more and more as this trip progresses!

Day 23 Maui. 80 degrees, mostly sunny.
We anchored off Maui at daybreak, and had breakfast on the fantail, watching the sunrise and the whales. We spent most of the day on a private tour arranged by our travel agency, Virtuoso, for the some 30+ clients on board. It was a great tour of the " upcountry of Maui", highlighted by an in depth tour of the one operating Pineapple Plantation in the USA, Maui Gold. We did run into a little "liquid sunshine" on the plantation, but that turned to solid just in time to go into the fields and see how pineapples are planted, grow and are harvested. We also toured the packing plant. Fascinating! We were then treated to a lunch of local goodies at a great restaurant, the "General Store". Back to town, we did have a very little time to peruse the shops, then off to the fantail for cocktails while we watched the sunset and the whales! Dinner at CR, followed by " Broadway in Concert" performance by in residence performers.
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