Three days at Sea in the South Pacific

Saturday, February 04, 2017
Day 28. Feb. 1st. 82 degrees, sunny, with an occasional tropical squall, ( see "under the weather" seas 8-10'. We tried breakfast in the main dinning room ( aka CR), and it was nice, but do love eating outside, upstairs. We lallygagged by the pool til lecture at 10:30. This one was on an infamous buccaneer, William Dampier. The British gal lecturer is really good. More pool lallygagging til noontime Jamie game, this one the card game "31". Some won, some didn't. Lunch was Tex-Mex, and was very popular. Our favorite bar-server, Mathew, is getting to be like Ola, and bringing us Blue Margaritas when he sees us! On these days at Sea, we have reserved a few hours every afternoon for each of our personal favorite activities; George and Don, napping, Bobby Sue, reading, and Dori, sunbathing on our balcony, watching the sea go by. This afternoon Dori attended lecture on photo composition ( I'm sure you all will immediately notice a big difference) while everyone else pursued their personal favorite activities. We are eating dinner in..really nice to take a break from makeup and jewelry.

Day 29 . Sunny, 82, seas 6-8'
We really had good intentions about going to the gym everyday, especially days at Sea. We really did! However, it was just too rough to be on the top deck exercising. Now that it's calmer, I'm trying hard to come up with another excuse. Bobby Sue and Dori did walk a mile this morning. Then off to lecture on the history of Tahiti. She is so good, even George didn't fall asleep. We spent the rest of the morning at our usual spot by the pool. Out German friend "Otto" shared some of his special German beer with Dori. His name isn't really Otto. Apparently there are several people onboard in the witness protection program, as they don't seem to want to tell you their real name. Sort of makes you want to rat someone out! Today we cross the equator, so this afternoon there was a special ceremony, complete with King Neptune and court. Newbies, also known as "polywogs" must pledge allegiance to the king to become true "shellbacks". Note Bs and G on lounge on right side of panorama. Dori, captured by pirates, got tried and was found guilty of several crimes, such as staying up past 10pm, and was sentenced to a dunk in the brine . Fortunately she had had a few of Otto's beers prior to her performance! (There is a video of the event that I tried to include, but internet here is too slow. I may add it in a port where we can get fast internet).Then off to our individual favorite activities, except, it's been 5 weeks so Dori had to get her nails done..ready for this...$120. Loyal guest cocktail party, followed by Hawaiian dinner on the pool deck with Cathy and Barbara. Then, after a few rolls of the dice for Cathy, we made it to the show, again the comedian/juggler, who was a bit better this time, mostly because he was preceded by an ABBA intro by the ships resident entertainers.

Day 30 . Sunny 82, seas 6-8'
Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere!! Our toilets are vacuum driven, so I can't tell if the water goes around the other way. Today is a spectacular day, weather-wise. Cloudless sky and beautiful deep azure sea. After a walk and some pool time, we all had to attend a safety at Sea drill. We attended the lecture, about the writers and artists who took up residence on the South Pacific. Then, noontime game ( won again!), a French lunch, mostly everyone except one diving into muscles, a scarf tiring class, and on to "favorite personal activities". We are really loving these days at Sea, but are particularly looking forward to land tomorrow because it really is the start of the adventure into places none of us have ever been before. We had cocktails together in the room, then off to CR for dinner. The show tonight was the onboard cast of 12 singers and dancers, doing a very lively show, "the great American song factory", tunes from the '50-'60, from Ed Sullivan show, to American Bandstand. These kids are so talented.
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