4 Days at Sea

Sunday, April 09, 2017
Aqaba, Aqaba Governorate, Jordan
Day 93. At Sea. 88, sunny, seas 3-5'
Today is our first of 4 Sea days (unless world events cause us to have an itinerary change!)
We are in our "normal" at Sea routine . This morning we had 2 lectures; " The Geography of the Bible", followed by "The British in Sudan and Egypt ". Then on to Jamie's game, a version of Family Feud, where we cashed in 2nd again. We had a burger poolside lunch, then another lecture, "The World of Alexander" , from the viewpoint of our archeologist. We threw in a few penny slot sessions, then FPA, before dressing for dinner with a " Dresser". We had dinner at Ola'a in CR, leaving enough time for a quick stop by the piano bar on our way to the show. The show was by a vocal group "Ancora" out of England, and it was excellent. They are four performers, 2 guys, 2 gals, doing vocal harmony ranging from opera to pop. After the show, a little more penny slots, then we watched a bit of the Masters on BBC, before retiring. These days at Sea are not easy!

Day 94. At Sea. 90, sunny, seas 6'.
We passed into the Red Sea, through the narrow entrance from the Gulf of Oman at 9:00am, 4 hours ahead of schedule. Guess there is no reason to be lingering in this area! We could see land on both sides; Africa on the left and the Arabian Peninsula on the right. After breakfast, D and BS walked a mile before the morning lectures. The first was very interesting and full of too much information to digest on "The Dead Sea Scrolls". The second lecture was on Petra, the UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the modern 7 Wonders of the World. We will be visiting Petra in three days, so we are eager to absorb as much information on the site as possible . After lunch, we had our third lecture; this one on Lawrence of Arabia. All very interesting and pertinent to the part of the world we are in. We had a little FPA time, before the late afternoon routine of dressing with our " dressers". The Buckley's had invited us to join them at Prime 7, so we did and had a delightful time with them, staying til the show had already started. It was a "clean" comedian; Earnhardts didn't go at all; Barnes gave it about 10 mins. before walking out.

Day 95. 88. Sunny, seas 6'.
Exciting news of the day is that two cargo ships about 6 miles behind us got boarded by pirates yesterday, but the crew was successfully able to lock themselves up until help arrived, so the pirates couldn't really do anything. So, when a small fast boat approached us this morning, the few passengers that saw it coming were a bit concerned. But, no worries- the boat came up along side so we could unload our arms and ammunition! Go figure - boats around us get boarded; we disarm . Our "security advisors" are however, staying on board until Israel. Apparently we have to get rid of the stuff in international waters! It turns out there is a sort of a Hertz-rent-a- gun outfit that has old cargo boats anchored at either end of the danger zone, and they send out Zodiacs full of goodies to the passing ships that contract from them. Anyway, our Sea day started with a hair cut for BS then an interdenominational church service for all. We were going to go to both morning lectures, but decided we needed a Bloody Mary and/or Champagne, so skipped the first and did go to the second, an amusing one on all of the events of interest in history that occurred on April 9th ( today). Next up, Jamie game ( came in 3rd), then sushi lunch ( D &G had ice cream), and on to the the afternoon lecture "What makes Jerusalem Special". This left about an hour of FPA time before dressing and off to a Seven Seas Society cocktail party, which we would have skipped except Jamie and Dana had invited us to join them for dinner and they have to run the party, so our absence would have been noticed . We had a really fun dinner in CR with Jamie and Dana, our cruise directors. They are such positive, vivacious people! After dinner we went to the second performance by "Anchora", and it was, again, excellent. We hoped to catch some of the Masters after that, and did get to see the bit of highlights that the BBC had on.

Day 96. At Sea. 80 (noticeably cooler), partly cloudy, seas 5'.
We had breakfast on CR, D&BS walked a mile, then on to two morning lectures. The first was by the archeologist, on Jerusalem in the time of Christ. In addition to being an archeologist, she is quite the Biblical scholar. The next lecture was on Bonaparte's exploits. No Jamie game today, as he is conducting rehearsals for the guest talent show tonight. We lingered over a Chili cook off lunch, then some of us made it to ( and snoozed during) the third lecture on the geology of the Red Sea. We went to a cocktail show "Guest Talent Show", which was a hoot! Our friend Cathy was a star. We took martinis to Earnhardts and had appetizers and sandwiches there, happy for a night off from makeup and "elegant casual", sitting in our sweats having an evening of "inelegant and very casual". Just a few notes: Egypt has declared a State of Emergency, and Israel has closed their border with Israel. So...we are docking in Jordan tomorrow and hopefully will know a bit more about what we can and cannot do, and what Regent wants and does not want to do within those parameters soon.
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