Four days at sea

Tuesday, May 09, 2017
Hamilton, Bermuda
Day 121. At Sea. 64-68, mostly cloudy, seas 15-18'.
We are rocking and rolling on our first of 5 days at Sea, and it was a pretty uneventful day. We had our three lectures, Jamie's' game ( took 3rd), and a Tex-Mex lunch. It's too breezy and cool to sit out too long, so just hung out in our room. We had our in-room cocktails dressing for dinner for 2, in CR at Ola's. Then, on to the show, a comedian Yakov Smirnoff, who was quite popular in the 1970-80's. He was definitely laugh-out-loud funny.

Day 122. At Sea. 64-68, clouds, sun, occasional drizzle, seas swells 15-18' ( at least), not to mention waves on top of swells, and growing. Wind 30-45mph.
Another day kind of weather socked in. But, they keep us busy at Sea. Two lectures this morning, although we don't know how the lecturers manage to stand on the stage and talk without falling down! We had a quiet afternoon. We met the Oceanographer lecturer and his companion for drinks, then to CR with them for dinner. We really enjoyed their company. Then we just chilled, as we are really, really, rockin' and rollin'! Probably 30' seas, maybe more . Need that Dramamine and sleep.

Day 123. At Sea. 64-68, sun, clouds, wind 30-40. Seas 25'. Wind 40mph
The Captain never did change the original course initially, but long about midnight last night he bit the bullet and headed south to get out of these seas. According to his noontime update, the winds got to 60 mph, and "there was a wall of water coming at us". Swells were 30', with waves on top! So, another at Sea day, but today is Sunday, which means Mimosa day! We had breakfast in CR, sitting next to Tom, our 102 1/2 yr. old passenger on board. Good old Tom was guzzling Mimosas out of a water goblet that they just kept topping off with champagne. I say, you go Tom!! Our morning consisted of, yes, Mimosas, followed by two lectures, one on the history of the America's cup, as the contenders will be in Bermuda when we are ( if we are, which is doubtful at this point). The other was on Cosmic Catastrophes. No third lecture this afternoon, or for that matter, yesterday afternoon, because the wife of the third speaker fell yesterday and is in a cast from her ankle to her hip. So, yes, we are really getting tossed about. We spent the afternoon relaxing inside, as it's too rocky and windy to be anywhere else. We met our neighbors for a neighborhood cocktail party and dinner in CR. After, we attended the show, a gal and guy act called " 5:00 Somewhere". It was wasn't what we expected from the name, but they were entertaining.

Day 124. At Sea. 64-70. Partly cloudy, seas 12-15', wind 20-30mph.
It's really calmed down considerably, to be almost acceptable. So, we are doing the normal at sea routine. Two lectures in the morning, followed by Jamie game (DB won), then it was miraculously nice enough to have lunch outside. At the noontime Captains update, we learned we will be going to Georgetown, Bermuda, but will arrive 5 hours late. We were only scheduled to be there 8 hours total, so it's still not quite clear if this is going to be a " touch and go" stop of 3 hours, or what. There are several logistical reasons for the ship to at least make a quick stop, not the least of which is that much of the luggage from the world cruisers got off loaded in San Diego, and is to be returned in Bermuda. We did keep our luggage, so it's not an issue for us. It was a little windy, so after lunch we had our second beer on the fantail, more out of the wind. D. then basked in the sun a bit, before the third lecture. We had a cocktail update by the Captain that although we will be arriving late,they found a way to extend our stay, so we'll be there from 12:30 pm-7:00pm, or enough time to get to the Swizzle Inn, to toast to Russ and Joanne!! We had dinner upstairs at the Italian restaurant, leaving time for a full set at the piano bar, before attending the hysterical one man Yakov Smirnoff show, on life and love.
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