Saturday, May 13, 2017
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, United States
Day 127. At Sea. 76, partly cloudy, seas 5-8'.
We had breakfast on the fantail, then George chatted with Clive awhile, while Dori walked . We got our bag tags for our 4 bags to be shipped, while the gal in front of us in line got tags for her 12 bags!! The next highlight of the day was getting our boomerangs back. Then, two lectures, another on Pirates of the Caribbean, then one on what Alien life might look like. We had lunch by the pool with Wyndham and Nancy, then started packing... . Our last Krew Kapers show was at 6:00 and after that we ran downstairs to CR to assure we could be with beautiful Ola one last time. We had a teary farewell with Tyler and Tina, as well as Zyra, and of course Ola. Then on to a very terrific and energetic show by " 5:00 Somewhere".

Day 128. At Sea. 80, partly cloudy, seas 4-5'.
After breakfast on the fantail, Dori walked a mile with George and Diane. Ola found us and snuck out to say goodbye. We then worked on packing before two morning lectures, "The Future of Coral Reefs" and " Cosmic Mysteries". We had a chili cook off lunch by the pool and were joined by Otto and Lizzy, then went to put the finishing touches on the packing . We tried to lose our remaining casino vouchers, but came out ahead, so quit til later. I'm sure we will have no trouble getting rid of this last $15 to the penny slots later this evening. At 3:30 we had a great Seven Seas Society Good-bye party, with the champagne flowing and the choir singing as well as the singers, band and Clive performing. It was very nice and emotional, as we have really become family! It's our Anniversary, so after a final last cocktail on our balcony, we had dinner, just the two of us, in Prime 7. After, we went to the Penny slots where we successfully lost whatever we had left on our vouchers. I estimate our total loss for 4 1/2 months is $50. We definitely had $50 worth of fun on these penny slots! We put the last of the baggage out, with very mixed emotions. We have loved, loved, loved, this adventure and all of the wonderful places we have seen and people we have met..but we also miss our home, and our friends and family. I don't think we will be the same, and we shouldn't be, but, hopefully, after this amazing adventure, we will return better!

Day 129. Miami and home.
The ship got in to port at 3:30AM and they started unloading the luggage, such that by 8:00 they had it all out and organized. We were the first group called to disembark, so it was really easy getting our stuff, and going thru immigration/customs. We were to the airport by 8:45, for our 12:20 flight. Tried to get on earlier flights, but, no luck. Our flight was bumpy, but on time. We had 45 min. to get to the next leg, which was boarding when we landed. We ran from terminal A to B and made it. Smooth sailing. We were met by a driver, compliments of Island Travel, and were home by 5:30, just in time to go to Earnhardt's to reunite with our dear friends, including Blevin's and Finn's, for hugs, tears, pizza and champagne. We are home!

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