Uri island

Tuesday, August 07, 2018
Uripiv, Vanuatu
I did think about snorkelling at Norsup. I checked out the beach/reef/rocks and I can get in but getting out might be a problem. I can jump in but out I have to get back on top of the reef. I don't really need a coral cut to go septic on me this early on, there will be plenty more opportunities.
Late night was sooo cold. I used towels as blankets. The young German girl staying here said the same. I hit the road early this morning and we have the best weather so far. Bright sunshine and no wind. Being Sunday there is no bus to Lakatoro so I got a passing truck. The driver was a bit concerned to drop me off cos Lakatoro was closed so I had to explain I was going to Uri Island. I legged it to the dock and as usual was early.
Peter, my host, was also a bit early so we made good time getting to the Island. The first thing I noticed when we took off was how clear the water is. You can see for miles underwater. Uri is exactly as I expected it to be. Just a couple of Bure on the beach, no running water, no power and no internet. Peter showed me around the place, we bartered a bit on the price, and I settled in. 
I asked Peter where the best Snorkeling is and he said everywhere. So I got my gear and went to try and find the best places. The Snorkeling is good, but I was expecting exceptional and it is not that. The tide is a couple of metres every day and the reef is out of water at low tide so it is never going to be exceptional.
I met a lady here today, and a girl last night. Within 5min of talking to both of them they both said "Vanuatu is sooo expensive". I agree with them, more on that later. This is costing me about $80' for 2 nights, including transfers and meals for this bit of paradise. Paradise is getting pensive these days.
Breakfast this morning was pretty average but sitting on the deck watching a big pod of dolphins swim down the channel and a couple of turtles swim in the bay.... who cares? I had the best night sleep last night. My bed has a doona so I wasn't cold for the first night since I been here.
Yesterday I spent the day Snorkeling and I will do th same today. Taking pics of coral is much easier than fish cos the coral doesn't move soo fast.I tried to walk around the island but I can't. The sharp foliage and spiderweb webs stopped me.
Tomorrow morning I have to be at Litslits dock by 8 to catch the Big Sista ferry back to Vila. The ferry is a day early cos it is not coming back so I have to go to Santo then to Vila. Only other option is fly and it is only the locals that can afford to fly.
Well that was the plan. I got to the dock at 8 and the boat didn't arrive till about 1pm. 5 boring hours sitting on the dock. There is nothing to do but watch the boys unloading cargo from local boats. The ferry takes over an hour to unload and re load cargo then they announce Villa passengers will stay here they are coming back cos they have overbooked. They expect me to sit here till 11pm tonight? I made sure they all knew what I thought of that idea. If they are close to time it will be 19hr sitting on this dock!
I walked into Litslits for dinner. The best I could do was a bag of twisties, packet of biscuits and a bottle of water. This is going to be a long night! Late in the arvo a few old ladies set up some stalls and sold fish and rice so I had one of them for dinner.
The ferry got back at about 1am. The locals had gone home but me and the people who came from a long way away had stayed all day. There were a few of us. We finally set off in the wee small hours and I slept for most of the rest of the night. We called in at Lamap? I thought we were going straight to Vila? Big Sista are lying cheating arseholes. We made a couple of other stops as well. The crossing from the Maskylenes to Epi was really rough and I think if I had anything in my stomach I would have lost it. I was going to get off and try to fly the rest of the way, but luckily I met a guy who lives on Epi. He made a couple of calls for me and that was lucky cos I wouldn't have made my next flight to Fiji. Flights were full and no boats in time. I hade to tough it out for the next 10 hours. I have always said " the only thing worse than dying of seasickness is NOT dying of seasickness ". I found it was better if I kept my eyes closed for some reason but I managed to get through it. What was supposed to be an overnighter turned into 2 days of hell.
Now I am back I will try to see a bit of Efate and Port Vila and look at my itinerary to see if I can take out the ferry in Fiji and Tonga?
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