Monday, August 20, 2018
Nadi, Western Division, Fiji
Finally we made it to Fiji, at about 2.30 in the morning. About a dozen of us stayed at the airport til morning to save another night in a hotel.
I caught the local bus towards Nadi, with the help of google maps, at about 6.30 which put me at the hotel at about 7. They wouldn't let me check in and I shoulda known that was just the start of it. They did let me leave my bag here cos I had heaps to do today. Lucky there was a bus from here to the Denarau harbour waiting out the front so I jumped on it.
 It took about 2 hr to book my transport and accomodation for the next 6 days. I will be in the Yasawa's for 5 nights and one night in the Mamanucas (mar mar noo tha) on the way back. I probably won't have internet while out there but I might be able to buy some.
I am back at that shitty hotel and it is soo not worth what I am paying but the bus will pick me up here. When I come back I WILL NOT be here again.
It is hot as hell here. I'm lovin it.
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Have just read your last two blogs to Llew and he says the next time you go you have to take him, that will at least get you through the airport first. Llew is doing ok. Have a great time


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