Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Suva, Central Division, Fiji
WellI have just about an aged to miss Suva. I got here about 2pm on the bus from Nadi and I found a place to stay pretty quick and close to the bus station. Every thing I need is close by so it is a bonus really.  None of the hotels I have stayed I have wifi so I put a sim in my iPad today and should be ok for a while at least.
So tomorrow I am on early bus to Natovi, that gets me there early enough to get RORO ship across the Bligh straightto Nabouwalu then bus to Savusavu. Dead simple really, what could go wrong? I should be able to do all that in the one day. 
Then I will seeif I can get to Somosomo AND back and make it back to Nadi for my flight.
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Good luck with all that :)