Thursday, August 30, 2018
Savusavu, Northern Division, Fiji
Well that was much easier than I expected. One ticket with Patterson brothers and I paid for bus, boat and bus. It was much better than I expected. 
Savusavu is a quiet little backwater. The hotel I was going for is full so I am up the road and I think they did me a favour. The place I am in is pretty good. Tomorrow I am going to try to find some snorkelling in the area and sort transport to Taveuni. More important is transport FROM Taveuni back to Nadi.
This morning I had a couple of chores to do and they all went well. First off find breakfast. A little place in the Copra shed marina did a great breakfast and as a bonus there was Fiji airways office right there. I was in bed this morn and realised the ferry I was gonna book back from Taveuni arrives in SUVA not NADI so I have to book a flight. The ferry price is $20aud and flight is $200aud ah well at least I won't be sea sick. Then I booked the ferry to Taveuni and booked accomodation for the 4 days I am there.
Great start to the day, everything going well. I wanted to go Snorkeling so I checked around to see if anyone going out. The Cousteau's, yes the famous ones, were diving Dreadlocks today but it is too deep to snorkel so I saved my money at their price and will try a couple of times in Taveuni. So I walked about an hour along the Hibiscus highway to go Snorkeling. The Snorkeling was Ok but again not great, the visibility let it down again, I think the wind and tide were against me. On the way back I hired a bilibili, local bamboo raft, to paddle around the harbour. Let's just say I wasn't too successful but I did have some fun and got a shirt washed.
This arvo I nearly bought a t shirt. I liked it but was really cheap quality and they wanted $22 for it. That is $15aud so it would have been the most expensive t shirt I own and he wouldn't come to $20. His loss.
This arvo I am just chilling at the Planters club and doing this.
Tomorrow I am on the ferry at 6.45 to Taveuni for 4 days then fly back to Nadi for 1 night then fly to Tonga.
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Guess you didn’t like the shirt that much then


This plan went way better than I had thought it would. Good one. Enjoy the date line.