Rainbow reef

Sunday, September 02, 2018
Somosomo, Northern Division, Fiji
I have spent the last 2 day trying to make it happen. I came to snorkel the Somosomo strait and Rainbow reef is a part of that.  I couldn't get anyone to take me, everyone is diving. At the last minute one of the girls here made a phone call and made it happen. "They will be here to pick u up in 10min" As it turns out 3 people from this resort are diving today and I went with them. Not ideal but the best I could get.
At the first site, Rainbow reef, they dropped off the divers and then took me to a shallower part of the reef. There was a lot of coral and fish but the current was soo strong. I was swimming as hard as I could and still going backwards. Eventually me and my guide washed over the reef to the Lee side and the current wasn't so bad. There was heaps of Coral and fish everywhere. It was the Snorkeling I have been looking for except for the current. I had a great time there but my camera stopped working again, I did manage to get a few shots. 
Then we had lunch on the boat and after that moved to the White Wall. Another site but not as good for me. I was in 12mtr of water, with not much coral. The divers were at about 30mtr so this site was good for them, the wall drops from 12mtr to 100mtr to shortly after drops to 600mtr. While it wasn't great for me I did manage to see a turtle and a couple of sharks. I played with my camera between dives and thought it was working but I only got a couple of shots. I thought I had taken over 200 photos today and you are only going to see the best few of about 30 that I had actually taken
All in all it has been the best day in Taveuni so far.
I asked at reception how I can get a bus ticket. The busses here use tickets and you can't pay cash. They said "you have to go into the bus station in town and buy one" "Mmm how do I get there?" "Take a taxi" kinda defeats the purpose really? Take a taxi to town to get a bus ticket???
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