Lavina Walk

Monday, September 03, 2018
Somosomo, Northern Division, Fiji
There is a walk trail here along the beach in the north east. It follows the beach then turns up a river and you end up at a waterfall.
Long story short, I been trying to get there for a couple of days and it wasn't happening. The hotel here put it up as a trip today but no one wanted to pay their price. I scouted a couple of people here and we made a group to catch the bus there and taxi back. Total cost was under $20 and the hotel wanted $65.
So the walk was really good, I loved it. We all managed to make it all the way and still swam upstream to the waterfall.
Along the way we ran into a Japanese guy I met last week.  He was going to one of the small islands off the coast to look for birds, specifically the Fiji national bird. It is a bright orange pidgeon with green head. Anyway he had found one on our track so we stopped and I got a good pic, lots of zoom.
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This part of your holiday sounds great. So happy it is all falling in place for you. Stay well and safe. Love the photos.


Great photos. You won’t ever want to come home