Wednesday, September 05, 2018
Taveuni, Northern Division, Fiji
Well Fiji hasn't been what I expected. It has been tropical, unlike Vanuatu. I expected more beach kinda tropical. While the pics might look beachy I now don't see it as beachy. There are not a lot of beaches, they are hard to get in the water because of the coral and anything decent has a resort on it and banned everyone else.
The Yasawas were great cos it was easy. I paid a lot of money and everything was done for me. The only downside was the way too expensive boat transfers but everyone has to pay and they do so that won't change
Overall there was lots to see and do. Accomodation was expensive for what you get. I've had a good time.
Now I am off to Tonga. I thought Tonga was going to be easy but it has not turned out that way. Some one posted on a travel forum the other day their accommodation in Tahiti was cancelled and they couldn't find anything else. So I checked and Bora Bora has only 5 places left. They range from $2500 to $6000 per night. I have now booked all the way through Tahiti. Then I looked at Tonga and it is crazy. Vava'u, Ha'api and Eau all have no vacancies at all, in any price range. I have found a small island I can go to, Taunga but I can't book flights on line without a phone so I have to wait till I get to Tonga. I do have the first 2 nights booked but after that I might be sleeping on the beach. I'm sure I will be able to sort something out.
I put up the pic of the bird again cos it is so rare.
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