Friday, September 07, 2018
Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga
Well I made it here and I have some where to stay so I am winning so far. The flight here was soo cold. Nearly everyone asked for a blanket, including me, you would have thought they might get the message and turn down the aircon but they didn't. The massive Tongan woman sitting next to me was so big she couldn't do up the seat belt. She had the get an extension. A couple of other whales had to as well. I've never seen that before. She was in danger of loosing a kilo or two but luckily she inhaled 3 chocolate bars during the 1 1/2hr flight.
When I got off the plane it was a drab, overcast wintry day. I said to Toni it is wintery and he said "it is winter" the bar maid said "it is winter" I think they both miss the point, it is a tropical island? Last night we had strong wind, rain and even an earthquake at about 5am but this morning is fine so far.
I am staying at Toni's guest house and I had him pick me up from the airport. Lucky cos it is a long way from anything, in the burbs. The problem is waiting for shuttles and make sure I get them on time. It is too far to walk to town or the beach or even the golf club.
I hit the ground running and just managed to book a flight to Vavau before they closed. Then I had to go to the pub to use their wifi, not many places have wifi here. I sent emails to a couple of places I had tentatively booked and had to sit there long enough to get answers. Next week is all booked and I can stay here this week but I need to find something for the week after. Toni's place is a long way from anything and that means I probably can't snorkel here and I have to rely on shuttles or expensive taxi and being at specific places at specific times..
I'm going to look into put a sim in this iPad or I will have to go to the pub EVERYDAY just to update you. Next week up north there will be no internet, I think, unless I have a sim and I am not even sure that will work in the village I am going to on Taunga island.
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I have checked out the maps to see exactly where you have been and are heading for.Thanks for keeping me updated. Travel well. Stay safe.