Saturday, September 08, 2018
Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga
As you know I am in the middle of nowhere in the burbs so I had to take the shuttle. I got the early shuttle just after 8 but then I had to decide when to come back. Do I come back in a few hours then go back again to get some dinner or stay for the whole day. I decided to stay for the day and reall check out the thriving metropolis of Nuku'alofa.
There is the Royal Tombs. It is in the middle of what used to be a park, now a cemetery and fenced off. Across the road is a massive old church. It is made out of limestone and coral briacks quarried on the island. It was slammed by a massive storm last year and is now derelict. At the end of the street is the Kings residence. A massive old Victorian building and by far the best looking building in town.
After all three sights it was too early to go to the pub so I went to the market. They had the usual produce and very little in the way of souvenirs. Not surprising really when you ask the price. They are crazy. I was going to buy shirts for Noah and Sonny but they wanted $22 for them. I can buy them in Australia for less than that.
So I spent the arvo in the pub waiting for the shuttle back.
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Enjoy the next island.