Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Neiafu, Vava'u, Tonga
Yesterday with Airbnb was a fiasco but luckily I found a great place to live for the week. Oceanside lodge is great, probably the best room I have had so far. Etta did me a good rate for the week and the room has a balcony overlooking the harbour so I can sit up there and watch the yachts coming and going. Etta's email is That was some advertising for her.
Today was the worst weather I have had so far. It rained all morning. It was OK this arvo. They are predicting thunder storms for tomorrow so I am looking for snorkelling the day after that. I will probably spend a bit of time on my balcony tomorrow. I did get out this arvo and had a look around town. There is not much to see but a lot of great sights if you look at the right time.
Queen Vanilla 
This morning it is pissin rain and looks like it has set in for the day. I thought it was a good chance to go check out the vanilla industry. A number of years ago the arse fell out of the vanilla industry here. A few years ago an Aussie couple worked out how to get a govt grant, of course, and kick started the industry again. I was really lookin forward to seeing this and especially smelling it. It is raining so I need a raincoat. There is not one in Neiafu that will fit me, only kids size or one adult medium. So I bought an umbrella and headed off. It is about an hour to walk there and luckily the rain stopped about 1/2 way there.  When I got there I asked for the tour and was told"no tours, the vanilla didn't flower this year so no tours?" The lady did offer to drive me back to town but I decided to walk cos I have to fill in my day somehow. Of course just after I set off it started to rain again. Looks like another arvo in the pub.
Mt Talau
This morning I walked up Mt Talau. They say it is 131mtr but by the time I got to the top I thought they might have left off a zero. The view from the lookout at the bottom of the phone tower is pretty spectacular. The weather today turned out to be OK but they say today is the best we gonna get for a week. Looks like I won't get a chance to snorkel here any time soon. Maybe Sunday when there is a big feast at Eneio beach?
This morning I walked to the causway at Taoa. There is a big yacht repair yard there and not much else. I was looking for a place I can actually get in and out of the water to try Snorkeling. When I got there there was a sign saying I couldn't swim there cos thee is poo in the water. Two days ago I went to the causway at Pangiamotu, the other direction, and there was a sign there to say no swimming cos there is poo in the water. I'm not having much luck so I tried the old harbour and guess what there is a sign there. They might be old signs but I'm not about to doubt them and give it a go.
I might update this so I will put up the link when I have finished.
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The rain must have stopped enough for you to get such good photos. It looks nice even though it is overcast. On the positive side, all the walking will be good for your health.