Fafa island

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Fafa Island, Tonga
I woke up this morning and it was dark, overcast, raining, dreary and blowing a gale so I thought why not go to another island? I can describe Tonga's weather in one word, dark, overcast,  dreary, raining and blowing a gale. Pick one any one?
I walked to the cafe for breakfast and to book to go to Fafa. It is a little offshore island here and you can do a day trip. Had I walked to the dock I would not have booked it. So I get to the dock at about 10.30 for 11 ferry and by the time the ferry got there it was blowing hard and raining. I was in danger of getting hypothermia. Tha boat captain had to put on his wet weather gear. I thought it would clear up like yesterday but it was showing no sign of it. 
The island is small and just the same as Pangiamoto that I went to last week. The lunch was great but the Snorkeling was very average at the first spot I tried. I was very disappointed and thought I would have to wait ages for the ferry back. About 2pm the sun came out and I had another go right in front of the resort and it was way better. Still not outstanding but pretty good. I was only in for about 20min cos the water is sooo cold and the sun disappeared. I spent the arvo trying to keep out of the wind and keep warm.
Tomorrow I am swimming with the whales. It is my last chance so I hope it goes well.
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It looks gorgeous even if the weather hasn't be perfect.


Considering the weather, you have done quite well and seen lots. We are hoping for a good day tomorrow for you and looking forward to seeing photos of you with the whales.