Motu Iti

Thursday, September 27, 2018
Mo'orea, Windward Islands, French Polynesia
I'm still on Moorea so I naming these posts after the hotels. I am staying at 3 different places to get around the island. The last one was soo expensive? This one , like them all, is way overpriced but a bit better than the last one. Problem with this one is no where else to go for meals? I am stuck and if tonight's dinner is anything to go by it is not good!
Every eatery in French Polynesia seems to have the same menu. A page of pasta, a page of pizza, a page of 'chinese' and a couple of burgers! I'm not a foody but for me it is terrible and so way over priced, but then everything here is overpriced.
This arvo I went for a bit of a paddle in the lagoon in front of the hotel. There is a couple of pics of the sharks. They are harmless and only about 4ft long.
Today I did a tour. Franky was pretty funny and the Tour was a lot of fun. I got up into the mountains and had a good look at this part of the island. The last stop was a distillery and while I am not a fan of rum I did enjoy a couple of their drinks. The weather today has been spot on. Last night was soo cold I had towels as blankets again but today was spot on. I snorkelled this morning and toured this arvo.
Tomorrow I move again. This time to the south of the island. The busses start at La Pettit Village and go to the ferry dock to meet the ferry. I have to work out roughly what time here to go to the dock so I can catch the other bus to the south. Not easy but it usually works out. After the tour today I am a little worried there is nothing to do in the south? Everything today was near where I am staying?
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