Moorea Surf Inn B&B

Saturday, September 29, 2018
Mo'orea, Windward Islands, French Polynesia
Well the name is wrong for a start there should be only one B. On the plus side you get free use of bicycle, kayak and SUP but I don't know where you going to use them. The beach is a sewer, with dirty brown water and even has floaters.i can't find a restaurant close but I do have full cooking facilities to use. It is a half hour treadly ride to the shop to get supplies? There are no sheets or blankets on the bed, I will have to ask for some when I find someone to ask. It looks like I have found the bottom of the barrel? I now know why all the big resorts are on the north side of the island. I asked for a blanket and he said he didn't know what I was talking about. Eventually gave me another sheet and said I won't need it this is the tropics. Sure the tropics......bull shit!
So I spent most of the day searching for somewhere to eat. I found a couple of places up the road, about 1/2hr walk away. Tonight I went and ran into Miki, a Japanese girl I met last week. She is staying up the road at a pension that is a bit cheaper than the last place she was in but it is harder for her to go diving from here so she is in a catch 22? The meal was pretty good, steak and chips. While I was there it started raining so I got soaked on the way home.
After all the rain last night this morning was the best I have seen here. Even the mountains are not covered in clouds. I was up at 7 and we had no wifi so I thought I would take a bike and go find some breakfast. The shop down the road was open so I bought a couple of pastries and juice and sat on the beach to have breakfast. I then went to the next biggish town Haapiti. It is Sunday so I too pics of the two churches and came home.  I did notice lots of people setting up for what looked like parties. I figured out I think they are setting up for big family dinner cooked in an underground pit? If that is the case there is gonna be some pretty pissed blokes here later cos they were all drinking at 7.30.
I'm going back to Papeete tomorrow. I don't like the sewer here and there is stuff to see and do in Papeete so I will have a couple of days to relax and just look around then it will be time to come home.
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I do like the bike. Hope your last few days improve. Travel safe.


Floaters OMG