At Sea U

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Atlantic Ocean, Turks and Caicos
Today is a day for real cruisers. The ship spends the whole day at sea on the way to San Juan, Puerto Rico. So the time is best spent enjoying the Eclipse's plentiful and first-class facilities. The weather was good, or at least the sky was clear with blue skies and bright sunshine. But it was windy and wind causes sea swell. The ship was heading south-easterly and the wind and sea from the east, so the almost beam sea caused the ship to roll a bit. You can tell the ship's stabilizers were at work all the time, so the ship never rolled too much, somewhat like the motion on a train I (and another) felt. Still, many who are not used to motion, felt uncomfortable and sought ways to counter it.

It was not a day for me to enjoy any ship activities not because of the sea, but because of SeaU . The seminar's program was to take from 9 am to past 5 pm, followed by a group dinner. One activity I did sneak in with my cabin mate was the 7 pm show at the Eclipse Theatre. Two Broadway-style shows were put on every night - at 7 pm & 9 pm - to cater to the two fixed dining times of 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm. Tonight's show was performance of dance and song, of popular music from the 60's to 80's. Dances include acrobatic displays, using ribbons and cables suspended from the very high ceiling of the ship's theatre.

 Our dinner seating was to be the later each night, and tonight was the first "formal" night. Formal no longer means tuxedo and black tie - though some choose to wear it (and even cummerbands, something I have not seen, or worn, for a while) - but just a jacket and tie for men. Dress aside, dining was one of those experiences I enjoyed on the cruise, particularly if you get good waiting staff like our table did. The Head Waiter, Ersin, was very amicable and always took the time to put forward his recommendations each time he presented the menu; he made everything sound so good, and yes, one could order more than one of each course if one happened to be indecisive, or greedy, which I will admit I did more than once during my 4 dining experiences at the Moonlight Sonata restaurant. Ersin hailed from Turkey so I could have some banter with him about his favourite soccer club Fenerbahce. Asep, his equally amiable assistant, was from Indonesia, and so afforded the opportunity for me to practise some Bahasa Indonesian with him.