At Sea Again

Thursday, April 19, 2012
Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey, United States
The return voyage was to be another 2 days at sea. Passenger did not seem to have enough of the beaches at St. Maarten and St. Thomas, as they occupied the available deck chairs, and the pools and hot tubs. The sea was calmer and the direction more favourable, so more people were enjoying the journey. It was to be another full day at the seminar for me today. But I was getting used to the ship and its programs so could find the time to fit in activities like going to the gym, hot tub, and of course the nightly show. 

Tonight was a second formal night, but not so formal that it was mandatory . So the dining room was quieter and I switched tables to sit with my cabin mate. However, I missed my regular wait staff, Ersin and Asep. They are all good but those two just seem special, never fazed and always able to carry out their duties to the highest level no matter how pressurizing. It must be said that most of the crew work on 8-month contracts, so they are all motivated to perform to ensure they stay longer than that. Plus it is a chance to see places for many of them, since they are deployed by vessel rather than itinerary. Food and board are taken care of, so they save or send most of their money home.