Enjoying The Facilities

Friday, April 20, 2012
Miami, Florida, United States
Another full day of sailing but, thankfully, only half day of seminar. So we have the afternoon to really check out the ship. Unfortunately, everyone had the same idea and I can hardly call it relaxing lying among a few hundred half naked bodies. But wait, I am in a balcony room, so to it I retreated to catch up on reading and music from the smartphone. After an hour and a half of this, I felt guilty, and felt lunch still undigested, so to the gym I went to use the wonderful machines. Then a couple of laps at the by then quiet indoor pool, before changing to watch the final show of the cruise. Yes the shows are good and add a lot of value to the cruise. Imagine paying for it at the West End or Broadway. And yet the theatre was never close to half full for any show.