Gliders Alive!

Monday, January 09, 1989
Mount Windsor, Queensland, Australia
Woke before 0600h to see John walking about on a misty morning. Birds were noisy, plentiful, so were sandflies & mosquitoes. Did birdwatching and ID.
Recceing along road, short walks, to find 3 cut trees . Saw a dingo. A lot of logging, as recent at 7 Sep 88. Aborted an after lunch transect as taking too long.
Returning to camp at 1400h, set up traps, then placed them. Dinner was cabbage with TVP and veg, and huge pancakes (Alex).
2000-2244h big night of spotting. 20 sightings, mainly Greater Glider, possums, one Yellow-Bellied Glider. Very tired.
Jumped out of bed at 0615h into John's jeep to check traps. Had puncture. Caught one Brush-Tail Bettong, blind but healthy. Took measurements. Went with John to Mt. Carbine to repair tire while others did transect. Stopped at forestry camp where 2 groups camping. Saw Red-Bellied Snake. Cleared fallen tree and skinny dipped at Spencer Creek crossing.
1300h Hamburger at Mt. Carbine, repaired tire and bought some goodies. Swam at Spencer again and met Frogs group.Warm night as wrapped against the insects.
Checked traps with no joy. Washed at creek. Did transect.
Afternoon rain & read. Early dinner with custard.
1815h met Frogs people, and devoured rest of their fetuccini meal. Then dispersed along road to look for gliders . Heard 17 calls, 4 bettongs? Spotlighting in night, saw 2 YB Gliders, one feeding, on same sugar tree. Saw Brush-Tail Bettong close up. 2215h back for yeast risen bread with jam.
12 Jan
Woke to birds & bladder. Checked traps. One BT Bettong. Drove up to a comms tower which John climbed first, Peter all the way, Aland & me partly.Begining to feel boredom with the transects. John picked us for lunch as it rained then returned to complete transect. In night, did Glider census again. Watched a glider on a tree for 45 mins (with photos).
Trap checking. Started fire while Peter still asleep. Some did the Bettong vegetation transect while others (me) went creek to swim. Started raining so took cover in Foxwood Hut. Peter, Jean and I polished off a jar of peanut butter and swore not to tell the others.During lunch, others came so did owner of the land. Said Rainy season not popular. Pigs are good to hunt as big with poor sense. He had 1000 cattle. Decided to overnight Foxwood camp which I was not too pleased with. Night spotting, heard nothing. Saw a Greater Glider glide 12 m. Back for custard and bread. Checked Sandy's eel line (which he left in creek). Walked with Sandy, Alex, John to see frogs, gecko. Slept in John's truck across front seats - comfortable with no mossies.
Drove to new location. Road becoming bad with sand gullies and fallen logs. Was on top of jeep when it turned over on a rock. Jumped off safely; but Sandy had a cut. Alan and I winched the jeep back up. Set up camp not long after. While placing bettong traps, found a cache of supplies (fertilizer, food, essentials). Quiet evening. Slept in jeep again, this time rigged up poncho over open door so legs could stick out.
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