Stinging Tree Country

Wednesday, December 28, 1988
Daintree, Queensland, Australia
0630h woke to the aftemath of the flood. Rain had stopped but cloudy as we spent the morning spreading everything out to dry. Built a fire with difficulty. River rose considerably last night - washed away my pair of precious chopsticks which I managed to recover - and fell slightly. Alan and Alex recce'd for trail to the rock pool.
After lunch, we departed at 1300h following a cattle track steeply up ridge to look for the rock pool . Followed contour briefly then steeply down gorg, sheer rock face opposite. Alan and Alex recce'd route down and could see/hear falls. Nick led way down using gully, on bums.
1500h arrived bottom looking for way across, many not feasible options. Alan waded across one way and decided it was OK. Nick and I, in particular, fell in the slippery rocks acoross. Set up tent and washed in the rock pool facing a waterfall. A most picturesque campsite. Alex said he saw a creature from black lagoon. Anyway I showed my prowess at starting fires, lighting up a piece of driftwood from the black lagoon. Cooked lentil curry over Trangia 2X. Had dinner till dark but no tea as short of fuel.

Dec 29
 Went up cattle track down along river second gully. This was Stinging Tree country. Wne up to ridge, looking for Smith Creek and descended to it. Hard to walk along it, over slippery rocks, crossing it a few times. Came across a clearing with magnificent falls.
1200 lunch on a rock overlooking pool and falls (best picnic spot). Continued upstream looking for junction. Went uphill.
1400+ saw the junction (this was identified on the map as a landmark) Looked for a way back.
1600 returned in the rain. Dinner of macaroni cheese and veg. Spent evening drying things over fire with Sandy. Nic read to me.
2200+ slept after a chat with Alex.
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