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Tuesday, January 03, 1989
Daintree, Queensland, Australia
0720h woke to a fine day. Breakfast of Weatbix at the falls. Partially blue sky but sun not high enough. 0900h set off doing transect eastwards up the hill. Pace was slow with Alex measuring paces, altitude, then blazing new trail. Led the way at the top till rainforest, and pointless to go on. Did not reach summit stopping at 1140m. Lunch in a clearing caused by fallen tree.
1300h return using blazed trail, then started to rain halfway .
1400h back in ABC still raining. We waited and when rain stopped, paced and set off for Daintree BC. Feasted on Lily Pillies while waiting for others to set off. Humid but felt strong. Nicky in bad mood, slowing (us) down for attention.
1600h Arrived Daintree BC in bright sunshine. Set up fly, swam, washed and rained. Waiting for dinner that Jeanette, Annie (2 vain women I wouldn't want to be in the forest with), Alex and Alan were cooking - lentils & potatoes (which Nicky hated) and canned fruit. Everyone huddled under shelter. Indy had a bad gash and stinging tree wounds (Chris too). heard about the hungry geology group (Eric's) camping not far away.
4Jan breakfast of oats while support group packed to leave. Waited for the starving geology group to arrive - usual hi's and hello's. Departed for a joint walk after support left. Eric was doing geology. Waterfalls & rockpoll were not far away and fantastic, and most went in to swim. Rained hard. Nick, Alex and Alan turned back. Sandy and I and geology group continued looking for rock paintings . Walked in pissing rain in heavy poncho. Stumbled at first water crossing (first of many) and cut right shin, soaked one boot first then both. Learnt that sedementary rocks were 300 million years old and granite 200 million. No rock paintings, no waterfalls (too far away). Stopped at falls close to camp when rain stopped for lunch. Spoke to Eric about boardsailing. Returned to hot sun, dried stuff and swam, then pissed again from 1600h. Cooked under shelter using Trangia. Made a fire with wet wood and hexamine tablets. Dinner of mac and veg, coffee.
Lazy departure from Daintree BC as sun was shining bright. Everyone took things out to dry; I only had undies and socks. Why can't everyone keep their things dry or dry them when opportunity arises - sun or fire. This lack of discipline was, to me, wasting lots of time. Nicky as usual was last, and I acted to take as much time when we could have departed at least an hour earlier.
0900 on crossing the Daintree, we could not find a cattle track and sort of went up vertically much to my disgust again. We had camped opposite for a week and did not know the way up, even having met people who came down the track(s). The walk on the ridge thereafter was easy, meeting Eric's geology group first then descending westwards to meet Spencer Creek. Lunch just before descent.
1245h Alex and Sandy left their packs to go upstream where there was water now, lookinf for the animal droppings (sample) they had stashed away on the way here. Remaining went along downstream, arriving designated campsite at 1400h. Nicky felt tired. Waited for Alex and Sandy till it was dark, and we had eaten dinner of tuna and rice. We were conjuring all kinds of possibilities e.g. injury, but too dark to continue, kidnapped by dope people, miscommuncation. Planning for the worst, we were to set off early next day to search, and for me to run (because I was "fittest") to ABC if nec to set up a huge flame. Went under tent but could not sleep for hours partly because of incident and partly because it was hot. I was wrapped up against mosquitoes Icould not keep out anyway. Poured repellent on facial net, it drizzled and tossed and turned...
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