Feeling Crooked

Sunday, January 15, 1989
Mount Carbine, Queensland, Australia
15 Jan
Woke late at 0700h . Alex & John had gone to check traps in either direction. Breakfast of Weatbix. Walked to check out the cache, then went beyond fallen tree, walking out of tall open forest. Saw big picturesque rocks in opposite slope. Walked back doing tree census with break for lunch. Then imminent bad weather. Afternoon resting, reading, masterminding. In evening, did vocal census, 3 gliders landed on tree in front and heard half dozen calls. Went to lunch spot - there was prominent, fresh cut tree - to observe one glider feeding on low cut for a long time. Back for more spaghetti, and apple pie (wonder how we can make this in the bush).
16 Jan
Checked traps with John. After breakfast of porridge, with Alan and Jean back track to look for Darren & place more traps, do tree count. Saw wild pigs for first time. 3 big, black ones scurrying away. After lunch, walked back briskly. Light drizzle or fine/cludy. Failed to find hat which was dropped when jeep rolled over. Relaxed back in camp and call census at night.
17 Jan
Walked on eastern side of road following Bettong Creek till came across huge, huge rock falls . All swam in the rock pool. Went up ridge then along and up to high point where we had lunch, looking over the Daintree/Smith Creek area. Rain cloud over that while we had light drizzle. Walking one, we went into beautify E Grandis forest (don't walk under the branches). We cut down from ridge onto road and back to camp where Darren was. Cooked dinner of rice, tuna, veg. Call census. 0100h woke with fever and thirst and knew I was dehydrated. Woke twice more to drink and pee felling crooked.
18 Jan
Really crooked from dehydration. Temp 38C up tp 38.9C. Slept in John's truck whole morning, while others took short walk. Alex stayed to look after me.
1130h departed with Darren leading, 5 in line truck on arduous journey on hard road made soft by rain. Some scary moments at Darren got stuck over log bridge, Filled in all visible holes with sticks and stones and sand and created new one. In Forestry Barracks for lunch. Had 2 slices of bread with peanut butter and marmalade (bettong meal). Slept not feeling better, in Alex's sleeping bag and mat. Skipped dinner as they went night spotting. Woke to shit and eat sugar to rid the toxin taste on tongue. when they returned for supper, I moved to John's truck with blanket and space blanket. By 0100h (24hrs later) felt warm and sweaty, temp abating, gradually better. Hydrated throughout night.
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