Coast to Coast

Sunday, December 04, 1988
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
It was the end of my undergraduate year in Deakin University, Geelong, having passed with double majors in Social Anthropology and Psychology and offered a place in Honours class next year. I had applied for the Australian National University as well, for the change in environment (and the friends there).

The train departed at 1900hrs and it was nice of a few close friends: Jackie, Hanny & Jone (the unlikely couple from Indon & Msia), Esther to see me off at Geelong station. I slept on board and, after arriving Melbourne, lugged my heavy pack to Bourke St Mall and rested, watching Xmas dolls & artists. I had arranged to meet Christina whom I had not met since mid-July 1986 (the year I arrived Australia).

Left very soon at 2145 hrs on a Greyhound bus. I had bought the ticket during a promotion celebrating Australia's Bicentennial. One way anywhere at $19.88, return at full price of $110 (Melbourne to Cairns was 50 hours so not a bad deal).

At midnight rolled into Shepparton, 2 hrs later in Narrandera. I had no problem sleeping but somehow knew where I was.
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