Queensland Hot Dog

Monday, December 05, 1988
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I had a new seating companion, Pravesh, who got on last night in Narrandera. I got to know him during breakfast stop in Dubbo. He is of India-origin, born in S Africa, and PR in Australia, living in Brisbane, studying in Adelaide (a bit like me I guess).
We had lunch together as well on the border with Queensland (and NSW). The hotdog he ordered was a chopped up sausage in between hamburger buns; we had arrived in Queensland.

1830 the bus rolled into Brisbane, much to Pravesh's delight and relief. He did invite me to his place but time was a bit short and I did not want to rush his parents into taking me back to catch the bus at 2030 hrs. Showered at transit centre and ate a Chinese meal piled on a "prate" for $5.50. It was a poorer (condition) bus which departed Brisbane.
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