Into the Tropics

Tuesday, December 06, 1988
Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Bus rolled into Rockhampton for breakfast. I ate my own raisin bread and had the seat to myself now. Lunch was at Mackay, of a horrible stuffed sausage (why is Queensland terrible at sausages?). Also stopped at Airlie Beach to exchange passengers for those going/coming from Shute Harbour.
1720 arrived Townsville's new transit centre where took the opportunity to shower again. Ate an expensive salad & fish.
Departed at 1845 hrs and finally arrived Cairns at 2310 hrs (53 hrs since leaving Geelong). Fortunately in that hour of the night, someone from the Backpackers' came to pick up guests so I went straight to the hostel bed and slept, and felt the tropical heat.
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