Dive Lessons

Thursday, December 08, 1988
Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Woke early for breakfast of muesli and powdered milk. Bus picked myself and Goran from the backpackers, and many others from different hostels (I did not know there were so many).
0900h dive course instructor was Anders, a Swede with American accent . Easy going with long breaks. There is an entire class dedicated to Japanese, in Japanese. Sandwich lunch at Filipino place. Pool practice in afternoon, much easier than envisaged. Maybe pool was too small (more like a plunge pool).
1500h walked back, had a meal then to sea front to read and sleep, mainly sleep, disturbed by a couple - white and islander - arguing loudly.
1830 h went running again in those boots.
Read the PADI manual at night.

Dec 9
Dive Course

Dec 10
Dive Course in Cairns.
While running, met Pablo a most amicable fellow. We passed each other a couple of times and did high 5's. Met him at hostel later. He stays beside it and was attracted by the music. Called to dance by hostel owner's daughter and attractive friends. First hosteller to do so, they said. Party was otherwise mostly calm and quiet, until I had to sleep early for the dive trip next day.
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