Hitchhiking to Mossman

Saturday, December 17, 1988
Mossman, Queensland, Australia
At 1000 hrs, walked to the northern edge of Cairns and started hitchhiking north. First ride was by an elderly couple before I even put out my finger (they do it with the forefinger rather than thumb). Second ride was with some hippies who miscalculated the fuel to get back home, so had to help them push the last 100m to the gas station in front of their home. Finally completed the 80 km to Mossman Bicentennial Caravan Park, the RV point for the Australia New Zealand Scientific Exploration Society's Expedition Devil's Thumb. I was sold by a nice poster (without rain and mosquitoes) and so applied, among thousands from Australia, NZ and UK.

First couple of days was getting to know one another and logistics . We were issued standard dark blue t-shirts and spent much of the time swimming in the delightful Mossman Gorge.

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