Setting Up Camp

Monday, December 19, 1988
Mary Creek Base Camp, Queensland, Australia
Dec 19
Felt the hot sun when I woke at 0630 hrs . Usual breakfast.
0930h departed in 2 buses for Mary Creek Base Camp, while a truck (unimog?) took our rucksacks. We were made to walk the 2 km into camp.

Received a general briefing from John Oliffe, expedition leader. We were divided into different goups for different interests. I had no particular specialization so I think I ticked "zoology" in the application form, and got assigned "Group 9", the last of the scientific groups (2 were logistics support groups). We were handling the "Yellow-Bellied Glider Project" under John Winter, and also included other mammals and projects like Bettong and Dingo shit, water samples. Group members were Alex Thomas (leader), Sandy, Alan, Rosemary, Jean. We organized our campsite.

1430 lunch was bread, luncheon meat, processed cheese (the indestructible Kraft), beetroot, veg.
1500 bathing and ball games in the cool creek.
1600 general briefing followed by route planning. Swim again.
1900 dinner of spaghetti bolognese and lots of fruit.
It showered lightly for less than an hour.

Dec 20
Saw a noisy friarbird and shriek. We did a navigation exercise. Talk by Stewart on victualling system. Lunch by swimming hole.
Afternoon talk by Dr. John Boulton, the expedition doctor. Did physical measurements, skinfold test, BP and heart rate.
Light showers as cooking dinner, followed by a slide show & talk on crocodiles. Read a few pages of Les Miserables.

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