Quick Pitstop The Phase III

Friday, January 06, 1989
Mossman Gorge, Queensland, Australia
Jan 6
Woke early to search for Alex & Sandy . Spent 15 mins walking and blowing the whistle. Suspected they were around the corner and true enough they were with the Geology group, camped away from RV point. Walked back to camp together.
At 1105h, we climbed up the ridge onto the road. 15 mins of pure hard yakka. It was hot once up and waited till 1400h + for the truck. There were already 4 groups in it, all longing for the (civilisation) stop at Mt. Carbine. Had drinks, sweets, ices, and made expensive phone calls to ANU and Geelong (where Esther was keeping track of news for me; think she was renting my room having moved out of hostel). Had 2 letters from Pui Lin and one from Yvonne in Scarborough.
Back in BC, pitched flies. There was a huge deluge which flooded 2 of them, and we had a huge plastic sheet for communal tent with fire pit. Cooked spaghetti, lots of custard, huge feast. Jean had joined us again. Read Battle of Waterloo chapter in Les Mis.
Jan 7
Rest day. Drizzly early morning, then hot. Breakfast of toast, oats & vegemite. Washed clothes and packed. Late lunch at creek . Rained again in afternoon, then a lecture on rainforest Aborigines.
Jan 8
Woke and saw John Winter. Wrote to ANU & Geelong. Lunch at creek. Departed at 1430 rather than 1000h. 1700h arrived forest huts and saw 2 other groups taking shelter there in pissing rain. Rain abated and hopped on top of John's landrover to forge ahead. Cool ride with dramatic forest scenery, changing as road winds through gradual gradients more or less on watershed. Whole area been logged with slender tall trees growing. Drama for the day was the Land Rover tipping over, with Sandy and myself atop. It happened slowly enough for me to jettison safely but Sandy had a small gash on knee. Strongman Alan helped to winch the truck back upright.

Set up camp as light falling. Made fire, and dinner of rice, tuna & veg. Slept alone under a fly, using poncho as bivvy bag with blanket, sarong, clothes and socks.
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