A Sabbath to Savor

Saturday, November 30, 2013
Guatemala City, Western Highlands, Guatemala
We had an excellent Sabbath. Fernando picked us up at our hotel in the morning to take us to church. He had already taken his wife to the church salon as she had things to drop off at the salon, and there would not be room for all of it and us in the car.

We got there early as we wanted to fellowship with as many people as possible . Also, I was playing special music, and I needed to practice with Noé. One person I was able to talk to was Rosario. We met her and her husband and five children when we first came to Guatemala in 1996. Much has happened since then. She has divorced, the children have all grown, and only her youngest daughter comes to church with her two children. The daughter is only able to come some weeks as the cost of the bus transportation for three people is too much for her every week.

We had a full house at services with 71 people. I think every chair was filled, and there were several people not there. One lady that I met was a co-worker of one of the members, and this was the first time she had come to church. I played my flute with the hymns. Doing this always helps me to be more relaxed when I play special music. I get the nerves out of the way during the first hymn. 

I chose a piece of music that I knew and Noé was going to play the guitar with it . After practicing it a little, he said is sounded better with the Mandolin. I asked him how long he had been playing the Mandolin, and he said, "About 3 weeks."  Apparently, being able to play the guitar helps one to be able to pick up the mandolin and play it. The mandolin has a higher pitch and it sounded very nice with the flute.

The Guatemala City Choir sang a church hymn for special music as well. They usually have two pieces of special music every Sabbath. There were about 15 in the choir.

Scott gave a sermon on Intercessory Prayer. It was well received by the brethren. The most important part is they said they could understand the message and were able to take something home with themselves.

After services, we had coffee and tostados. We stayed around until almost everyone was gone. Then Francisco took us to a restaurant near our hotel, where we could eat with Francisco, Hilda, Werner, Saul Noemi, Saul, Jr ., and Fredy. We had a simple lunch, but we stayed there a couple hours eating and fellowshipping. Then Francisco had to go home, so Saul took us to our hotel. We invited them in for a soda or tea. We went to the salon on the fifth floor where it is quiet and we can talk.

Fredy is a recent graduate of university. He told us about how he got his job as a physicist with the government. It is a good paying job, and even though he only had the job for three months when he asked time off for the Feast, he was given permission for all the days. When he returned from the Feast, he was given a promotion with more learning opportunities. He said that God has really blessed him.

We were very tired after our long day. We returned to the room to rest and pack. After some time, we had a banana for a snack before bedtime as we were full from a late lunch.


Peter Eddington

I like the way the chorale all dresses alike! Very professional….