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Sunday, April 24, 2016
Medellin, Colombia
Life is an adventure and it doesn´t always take the course that you wish it would take. Today, Sunday, we walked and then ate. Scott finally got the large breakfast salad that he has been trying to get the whole time we have been here. Then we showered and packed, and then headed to the airport. Glenna was also returning to her home in Villavicencio, and she was on our flight to Bogota. We had to switch terminals in Bogota which is always a challenge--especially if you are not used to where to go. We have had to make this transfer between airports a few times, but I always end up having to ask questions about where I should go.

We eventually get to our gate . We had 1 1/2 hours to make this connection. After taking the bus transport that takes us from one terminal to the other, (which seems to give us the Grand Tour of the back of both terminals), we had about 15 minutes at the gate before boarding.

When I got on the plane, I decided to charge my Acer Aspire Switch 10 computer as the battery was running low. Avianca has plug ins under each seat in many of the airplanes. I worked on my computer almost the whole trip. I rely heavily on my computer during our trips. I use it to type up the bulletins, write e-mails, make appointments, my English and Spanish Bible, my reading material for relaxation, typing my blog, and uploading pictures to just name a few things.

Unfortunately, when I put my computer in my carry-on bag as we were landing, I completely forgot about unplugging the charger and putting that in my bag too. I did not realize this until 6 hours later, when I was going to plug it in to charge it before going to bed. Needless to say, it did take me a while to get to sleep. I kept thinking about what my options were in replacing it.

This morning, we went to Office Depot which is one block away. They tried a couple of things, but because my computer has a unique plug, they did not have anything that would work. They gave me an address of a nearby mall that is filled with electronics stores. We took a taxi there. I asked the security guy to point me in the direction of a computer store--second floor he said.

There were dozens of stores. I stopped at a phone store, and asked them where a store that sold Acer computers was. It was right next door. The young man in there, Santiago, was very helpful. He called a couple of people. He went to another store and got a charger that he thought would work, but the plug-in was too small. He walked me around to about 6 shops and no one had anything that would work.  

I asked about maybe an adapter to a USB that I could maybe make something work until I got home. He sent me to one store, which sent me to another store, which sent me to another store; none of them could help, but then I saw an Acer store. I talked to them, and they called the main Acer store, and they called technical support for Acer in Colombia. No one has anything. They could order a part, but it would take 15 days--the part is probably coming from the US.

So Scott and I left the mall, disappointed that we could not find anything that will work. My only hope now is that someone on the Avianca airlines will find it, and turn it in to Lost and Found. I have called them, and at 2 PM Tuesday, they have not found it. They said, that after 24 hours is the best time to call, so I am to call tonight after 6 PM.

Right now, I am using the public hotel computer. If I do not find my charger, there will be few updates to this blog. I most likely will be able to use my husband´s computer when he is not using it, so be looking for some updates. So a few prayers would be appreciated that the charger would be found. We go back to the Medellin airport tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, and it is my greatest desire that I could be reconnected with my charger then.
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Peter Eddington

Ahhhhh! Terrible!!


As we say in the south,"It's always sumpin' " :-)

Ailsa Braun

We'll be praying that you get reunited with your charger. It's important to you for a lot of reasons.