Profitable Visit in Medellin

Monday, April 25, 2016
Medellin, Colombia
Yesterday (Sunday), we traveled from Monteria--hot and humid, to Bogota--cold and rainy, to Medellin--cool and rainy. It was pouring in both Bogota and Medellin. Traveling from the Medellin airport (located outside the city) to our hotel in Medellin usually takes 45 minutes. Because it was Sunday, there were a lot of people returning to the city, plus there was construction on the way and traffic was limited to one lane. It took more than an hour to make the trip.  

We checked in and put our suitcases in the room . We went to eat right away as we both were hungry. We didn´t have lunch--only snacks that we had with us. After dinner, it had stopped raining, so we decided to walk the two blocks to the grocery store. We bought some nuts and dark chocolate. We needed more nuts, as we use these for snacks when we are traveling when we don´t have time to get something to eat, or for when there is nothing available; and the dark chocolate is our dessert.  

When we were about to exit the grocery store, we saw that it was pouring rain. What to do? I had contemplated bringing my umbrella, but it looked like and felt like it was not going to rain anymore. We decided to wait a while. We waited for about 15 minutes, and it let up some. It was now only a light rain. We got a plastic bag from the produce section for Scott´s phone and one for my purse. There were several trees to pass under and shelter us some on the way back, so we made it back without getting too wet .

Scott was going to walk in the exercise room when we got back, but we found out it closes at 9 PM. He was greatly disappointed.

Instead, he decided to have some of the mixed nuts that we purchased--almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, peanuts, and pistachio nuts. He was eating and munching along, and then all of a sudden, he exclaimed, ¨AHHH!¨ The pistachio nuts included in the mix nuts had the shell on them. Who would have thought that all the nuts would be shelled except for one type of nut?! It would be so easy to break a tooth, because peanuts and pistachio nuts in the shell look so similar.

On Monday, we did not sleep well as we had a new bed and different street noise to get used to. We were up early. We were both hungry, so we decided to eat breakfast first and then go exercise. They have a really nice buffet at this hotel; Scott was able to find a few things to eat--strawberries and brazil nuts, plus he ordered chicken and grilled vegetables. I had the beef caldito, granola with peach yogurt and scrambled eggs. The waiters and waitresses remembered us from last year and gave us hugs. They were disappointed that we were only staying two nights.

After breakfast, Scott sent out an urgent e-mail reply, and then we went to exercise. He did the treadmill, and I did the elliptical and weights. We showered and then went on the unsuccessful search for a computer power cord--(see previous post for this story). We were back at the hotel about noon, so we went next door to McDonald´s for our usually Caesar salads and cappuccinos.

I tried calling Avianca Airlines to see if they found my power cord on the airplane. After 15 minutes of searching the internet for a phone number, and waiting on hold for another 15 minutes, the search was unsuccessful. They recommended I call back after 6 PM as it would be 24 hours after it was lost. I will stop at the lost and found in the morning when we return to the airport for our next flight. I figure that I will turn over every stone that I can. I will see what tomorrow brings.

We had arranged to meet the brethren in Medellin at 6 PM at our hotel. Most of them had to work, so an evening appointment worked best. As they all come by bus or Metro (monorail train), it is hard to arrive exactly on time. One came at 5:30 and the last one arrive shortly after 6 PM. We chatted in the lobby until they were all there--except Carlos who had to work. Then we went across the street to Delicia´s to eat. We have taken them here before on previous visits, it has a nice selection of food, and it is conducive to fellowshiping.

Both Scott and I had a Salmon Caesar salad. We talked about how their jobs and schooling are going, and how their Passover went, Night to Be Much Observed, and the First Holy Day. We asked them their ideas and opinions about Feast of Tabernacles locations, possible new activities, housing arrangements, and about how friends who came to the Feast in Colombia from the United States are doing.  

It was a very uplifting visit. There was a lot of enthusiasm from everyone. All are looking forward to the Feast, which will be the next time we see them. We said our goodbyes about 8:30 PM when they had to leave to get a taxi to the Metro, and then take the Metro home.

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