Time in Bogotá and then We Return Home

Wednesday, May 04, 2016
Bogota, Colombia
I will finish up this trip to let you all know that we returned home safely. 

We arrived late in Bogota on Monday evening, and stayed at a new hotel for us . The Hotel Regatta in Cartagena which we use for the Feast of Tabernacles, has another hotel in their group in Bogotá. The management in Cartagena wanted us to try out the Hotel Charlotte in Bogotá, and when we asked them to make a reservation for us, they gave us two complimentary nights. We were very pleased with the hotel. After a whole week of cold showers, the shower in this hotel as they say in Colombia, "...was delicious!" It was hot, and even included a massage feature! The hotel has a restaurant on the eighth floor which includes a beautiful view of the city of Bogotá. The cook was very accommodating with helping Scott with his breakfast, too.

We spent all afternoon and evening Tuesday with our ministerial assistant in Bogotá, Jaime Salek and his wife Janet. We had many items of church business to cover, including plans for the Feast and summer camp.  

After the full day, we were really tired after our last day in Colombia.  

The next morning before leaving the hotel at 5 AM, Scott ordered a new charger cord for my tablet/computer so that I would have it on Friday. We had a long day of flights from Bogotá to Houston to Charlotte. Trusty Nancy picked us up at the airport.  

We were both very glad to be back home and in our own bed.  

It was a very profitable Pastoral Trip. We were able to visit most of the congregations in Colombia and we were able to talk with most of the members. It is necessary to have this face to face contact with the members as we are able. Please continue to pray for them, as they continue to pray for the members around the world.
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