Sabbath and Sunday Activities

Sunday, October 08, 2017
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
On Sabbath, we had services only in the afternoon.  Jaime conducted a Youth Bible Study in the morning.  Orlando had arrived overnight along with the last few who were going to attend.  Since we were unsure if Orlando would arrive in time to give his message, we had not translated it.  Since he finally did arrive, I had to translate it Sabbath morning.  It took me all morning, so time when I would usually spend fellowshipping or blogging, I had to spend translating his message.  Well, I am glad I had the morning free, as without it, it would have been difficult to get it done.  Now, it is ready for his time slot on Sunday.
In the afternoon services, Jesus R. gave a split sermon along with Leonardo.  I translated/read for Leonardo along with playing my flute with the hymns.  Scott played the piano for the hymns as Rodolfo was leading the hymns. Rodolfo is our usually pianist. This was a surprise for the Colombian brethren as most did not know Scott plays piano…he has since he was a little boy….
After services, we took a group photo.  This is no small feat with 100 people, but after 7 years of doing it, we are getting much more efficient at getting it done.  Everyone knows where they have to stand or sit, and what needs to be moved to make room for the photo.  After the photo, the ladies from Medellin presented a small gift that they had made for each member—a book mark to remember the Feast of 2017.
After being at the Hotel Regatta now for some 10 days or so, we were getting a little bit tired of the same food in the buffet line.  We asked the Schemenauer family if they would like to have dinner together.  They were in agreement, so we decided to go to El Carbon de Palo as it is within walking distance.  We walked the half a block to the restaurant and were once again warmly greeted by the owner.  We told him we had brought some friends, and they were welcomed with hugs, too.
We had a nice time getting to know and catching up with them.  We knew Dave from our college days some 33+ years ago, and we got acquainted with the rest.   We had a delicious meal and enjoyed the outdoor ambiance.  We had about 45 minutes before the Family Dance would officially begin, and some dessert was on almost everyone’s mind.  I volunteered to walk them to Crepes y Waffles for an ice cream cone at the walk up counter.  The walk is about 6 blocks.  Scott had to go back to anoint someone who was ill.
I helped facilitate the order as an order of 8 cones or bowls can be confusing especially when two languages are being used.  Brownie ice cream was a favorite choice among the family, but I had Moka Crunch and Coconut like I did the last time I was here.  We took our ice cream and ate it on the way back walking to the hotel.
The dance was just getting started when we got back.  A lot of people had made decorated glasses to wear, which was the theme of the dance.  It was fun to take pictures of the various creations.  Mario and Oscar organized the music, and I provided my usually list of American songs—two of which were the Hokey Pokey and the perpetual favorite, the Chicken Dance.   We danced into the night with Colombian favorites of cumbia, Macarena, and Marengue.  Robert danced with Maryory while she sat in a chair because she has only one leg.  She had a blast.  I left the dance at 10:40 PM, but there were still a lot of people dancing until well after 11 PM.
We woke up this Sunday morning wondering what happened to our home back in the U.S. overnight.  


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