Unusual Sites in Montería and the Sabbath Day

Saturday, April 07, 2018
Spanish Fort, Alabama, United States
We woke up and had breakfast again in the restaurant.  By this time, the waitress knows everything that we want and need.  She has become our friend.  We tip her each day, and I am sure that this helps, but it helps us as well.
After breakfast, we go for our daily walk.  As I’ve mentioned before, we both like to take note of unique things to us on every trip here.  As we leave the hotel, we notice some men cleaning a sign next door to the exit from the hotel...Two men are “working.”  One man has climbed a very unsteady 8 foot aluminum ladder and is diligently scrubbing the sign standing near the top rung.  The other man is holding a pole and diligently watching him about 5 feet from him.  We both think that he should be diligently holding the ladder so his co-worker does not fall.  The ladder is wobbling on the wet cement! Scott takes notice of the cement parking stops in the parking lot in the front of each space.  They use two short sections just where the wheel would hit it.  This makes sense to us.  It uses less cement.
We continue our walk and see man was selling bananas.  How do we know?  He was walking down the street yelling, “Bananas!”  Soon we watch a lady on a third floor balcony lower a plastic Walmart type bag down to the ground level on a rope.  The seller put a bunch of bananas in her bag, and she pulled it up to her balcony.  That is so convenient for her. Buying from the street sellers is cheaper than buying from the store.   We also see a beautiful purple flowering vine, and a tree covered with some pear-like fruits that are only 1 ½ inches in length.  There is a man standing next to the tree and I ask him what the tree is called.  He says, “Pear.”  He finds me a ripe one which is mostly red.  The redder it is, the sweeter it is. It was yummy! Scott says “No thanks!”
We continue on our walk and count the Caporo lizards. Today is Saturday and the cleanup crew is not working. It is rather a quiet morning and we virtually have the park to ourselves. Today, we see 51 lizards! We walk over to McDonald’s for our traditional Latte Fria. We return to the hotel for the rest of the morning to read. We check the restaurant for the soup of the day—Namé Cheese. Namé is a starchy, root vegetable. There is also an “infant baptism party” set up to start at noon, so we opt to go to McDonald’s for a salad with a chicken breast. It will be quick, not too expensive, and sufficient for lunch.
We return to the hotel and change our clothes for church. Alejandro arrives with Tania at 1:45 p.m. to pick us up. We arrive at church, and I set up my flute for hymns and special music. Church is again scheduled for 2:30 p.m., but we do not start until 3:00 p.m.  Fortunately, almost everyone is there when we begin today. We’ve tried for years to start a little closer to the scheduled time here in these congregations, and have learned we should focus our energy in other places…and just adapt. 
Scott has asked two long time members here in Monteria to each give a split sermon today, so that he can listen to them, encourage them and then maybe give them some pointers. He does not have time for speaker’s training, so this works in its place. One sermon is about, “What is the Holy Spirit?” and one is titled, “The Faith of Job.” After services, we stay and fellowship for more than an hour.
We return to our room and opt for dinner at El Correo again.  It is close by, and we know that the food is good.  The waitress recognizes us from our last visit.  We have a relaxing time, and then return to our hotel room.  I do some more blogging to try to catch up.  We have had 2 full days with church services for two days in a row, counseling, visiting and I have not had much spare time.  I use the evening to write as much as I can.  Then we call it a day and retire for the night.
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Bernie M.

Beautiful service and spirited singing! This is what the Sabbath is all about.