A Day Full of Camp Activities

Friday, June 22, 2018
San Gil, Santander, Colombia
Scott got up before 6:00 a.m. to go walking.  He had gone to bed much earlier than I did, so I was still tired at that time.  He likes the quiet and the sun not beating down and heat when it’s early. He knows the secret passage from the hotel to avoid locked doors at this hour. I joined him for coffee at the restaurant at 7:00 a.m.  Mercedes thought we both wanted to eat breakfast, too.  I told her that since she already had it ready, I would eat now, but tomorrow, I would eat with the campers.  She made us fresh pineapple juice, sliced fruit, grilled chicken with arepa and a roll—grilled veggies for Scott.  It was way more than I could eat, so I saved the arepa and the roll.  I knew one of the campers would eat it for breakfast. Scott has a strict schedule for food and exercise he tries to follow to keep his disease at bay. He still comes to breakfast with the campers an hour later, but simply has coffee. He’s open with the campers that it is not because somehow he gets special treatment, and they understand.
I worked on uploading photos after eating and before the campers came for breakfast.  The campers were served Tamal for breakfast.  Tamal is a cornmeal mush, mixed with cooked chicken and beef, cooked in a banana leaf.  I really like this and would have preferred this for my breakfast, but I did not want to offend Mercedes when she had already prepared my chicken breakfast ahead of time.  I can’t get this at home, and look forward to it at camp.  I think we have it again later on, so there is hope that I will have it yet.
After breakfast, we had one of our morning Compass Checks.  David did a very nice job.  He asked the campers, “Why do you attend church?” and “Why does God want you to be part of His family?”  The campers were attentive and responsive. Scott wants these highly interactive, and the teachers and campers have responded well.
After Compass Check, I had Jaime explain to the campers about our “rock painting activity” that we would be having later on in the week.  He gave them instructions to go find a rock on the premises that they would like to paint.   Janet showed them a short slide show of various examples of rock painting that they could do.  I brought out scrub brushes and scrubbies that they could use to clean their rocks.  Each person was quite proud of the rock he/she found.  Some were small and some were large and everything in between.  Montana went out and found rocks for her and me.  I think this is going to be a successful activity. We were unable to do an off-site activity this year due to safety concerns and budget.
Then we had swimming.  Everyone seemed to like cooling off in the pool.  We played “volleyball” with a beach ball.  Montana brought her underwater camera and the campers had fun taking photos with that.  I would not be surprised if they took 100 photos.  Ping pong and billiards was also made available next to the pool area. Scott gave them some pointers on billiards and pool. It was encouraging, Scott said, to see 5-6 of them take turns and no one arguing or being a hotshot.
After swimming, I was able to take a hot shower. The hotel here heats their water with solar heat.  If you take a shower when a lot of other people are taking a shower, or if you take it at night, the water may not be warm, in fact rather chilly!.
After lunch we had Team Building.  Montana did an excellent job with David’s help directing the campers through various to learn to work together in a team.  One activity involved a large circular rope.  All the campers had to hold on to the rope and make various shapes—square, octagon, or star.  Then they had to do it with their eyes shut. Another activity involved discovering the word attached to your back and finding the pair on another person that went with your word.  Only asking yes and no questions could be used to discover the word.  They also did several challenges with hula hoops.
After Team Building, we had dance class.  David and Janet along with Montana’s help taught the basic step and more advanced steps to the Swing Dance.  They seemed to catch on rapidly.  During the class, Rodolfo and I worked on the puzzle in a corner of the salon.
I started to feel somewhat sick to my stomach during this time.  I went to lie down, and that seemed to help.  Later on, I went to take pictures of the campers playing Capture the Flag.  I didn’t stay long, as I was feeling very fatigued.  I went to dinner and ate only a little of the potato, but nothing else sounded good.  After dinner, we had Bible Skits practice, but I did not attend.  I could hear the campers having a great time, as I could hear laughing and a lot of excitement. Scott had not been feeling well for several days after our motel room in Cartagena A/C poured out the smell of mold, and the room even after a change was mold ridden. This is quite common in this climate. He was just finally starting to feel better today.
At about 8:00 p.m. another group of about 40 people arrived at the hotel.  Usually when groups stay at the hotel, they are here for the night and gone during the day touring in the area.  We found out that they will be here until Tuesday which is when our camp ends.  We pray that they will not interfere with the activities that we have planned. The hotel had not advised us of this like they normally do.
I did not have a very restful night of rest.  I vacillated between being hot, cold, sick to my stomach and hungry.  I had a packet of graham crackers that picked up in one of the airport lounges, and some smoked almonds, and those seemed to be agreeable to my tender stomach.  It is terrible to be away from home and to be sick because one does not have access to the normal remedies that one would like.  Scott anointed me before I went to bed, and by morning time, I was feeling better.  I slept in as late as I could to get my rest.



Love the pictures! Hope you are feeling better now. Prayers!


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