Sunday's Activities at Camp

Sunday, June 24, 2018
San Gil, Santander, Colombia
We got up and had coffee, and Scott had breakfast at 7:00 a. m.  Sometimes they bring regular portions, and sometimes large portions.  If they bring a large portion of fruit--3 cups—Scott will share with me, Montana or some other camper that comes by that is hungry.  Some mornings he has more of an appetite than other days.
We had our daily morning Compass Check after breakfast.  David presented the sub-theme of Choose Life.  He is 21 and in his second year of being on Staff.  He told the campers that this is their time and place to learn.  It will not come to them again.  He encouraged them to not waste this time, but choose God’s way in life.
After Compass Check, we had swimming.  I took the time in the first part of the class to write my blog.  When I get behind, I start to forget things and get confused with the details. Scott also does some editing and adds some things each day. We had plenty of other staff to supervise at the pool, so this was a good time to write.  After I had written the blog and uploaded photos to blog page, I went out and sat by the pool and then played ping pong with Janet.
When we had arrived at camp, Janet and Jaime informed us that Colombia would be playing in the World Cup on Sunday at 1:00 p.m.  From past experience, we knew that all the campers would want to watch this game.  We asked the kitchen if we could move lunch up one hour to accommodate this, and they were very willing to do that as they wanted to watch or listen to the game as well.  After lunch, we all congregated in the lobby where the large television was located.  About three other guests from the hotel joined us in the lobby.  Some of the campers and Scott, put on their Colombian fútbol jerseys for the game.  One local hotel guest behind us was very loud! Cristian said to Scott leaning over into his ear, “One beer is good, two beers not so good, and three beers bad! Here’s an example behind us.”
During half time, Janet and Montana brought out Oreos and milk for a snack.  We had an Oreo Cookie Race with some of the campers.  Each camper put a cookie on his/her forehead, and without using hands (only muscle movements of the face) moved the cookie to their mouth.   It was enjoyable to watch the facial expressions and contortions!
Everyone was excited when Colombia beat Poland 3-0.  After the game, we had to make another schedule change due to rain coming down. We changed our outdoor activity to an indoor activity planned for Monday.  Janet and Montana helped me set up for Rock Painting.  We set the tables up with plastic table cloths, a variety of paint brushes and star tools for doing dots, and small plastic plates for paint trays. This is a new activity for this year.  Every camper brought the rock which they had found on the first day.  I gave them a few instructions and then we brought the bottles of paint around and gave them small squirts of the colors they wanted.  Most of the campers had brought their cell phone with them with a photo of a painted rock that they wanted to copy. One advantage of smart phones at camp!
I was really surprised and very pleased with the quality of the painting done by the campers. Some did designs, some pictures, some strawberries, ladybugs, a tiger face, and a couple of outdoor scenes.   Several campers did more than one rock.  Everyone finished at least one rock.  Some were not done after two hours, so I said that we could finish the rocks during free time in the evening.  After the rock designs were done, we took them outside and sprayed them with clear acrylic to protect the designs. This class was a success, and we will do something similar next year at the request of the campers. Once again, the artistic side of these young folks came out with great style!
Our next class was our question and answer Bible session with guys and girls separate.  Montana, Janet and I took the girls to the upstairs sitting area.  After prayer, one of the girls asked, “Why can’t women give sermons?” Then we had a question from a girl who attends a Catholic School, “Why do people pray to Mary?”  Also, we had a question from a girl who is the only one in her family who attends church, “What should I do when my mom asks me to wash the clothes on the Sabbath?” Once we got the first question, the campers really started opening up.   It was a joint effort between the three of us to answer the questions.  Sometimes it was help in remembering the right scripture, and sometimes it was help in understanding the question, or finding the correct words to use to answer the question.  I think it was a very successful session.
The young men had a Question and Answer session with Scott and Jaime S. Their discussion centered around how they could serve in the church, and work with all ages, and yet fit in as part of the family. This was a perfect theme that allowed Scott to share his thoughts on what he has already been implementing. He explained that serving was not just leading songs or speaking, quite the contrary. He explained the importance of patience, and being a good example. Talking to the older brethren, and staying around to talk, and not just leaving quickly and going home as some do. They asked what leadership was, and then discussed baptism as well.
After the class, I brought out three small bags of used clothing that I had brought from donations received at home.   Every girl found at least one piece of clothing to take with her.  Geraldine found a top which she put on and came and modeled it for me. She was happy and I was happy for her. Scott brought some hooded sweatshirts, tennis shoes, and other items that he knows the brethren would love. It makes him smile when he sees how happy they are, they fit, and they are not super picky!
We had dinner next, and the campers ate quickly as they were excited about getting ready to present their Bible Skits.  At 8:30 p.m., all was ready for the skits.  The campers had once again asked the kitchen staff for extra table clothes for cloaks or robes.  Other items brought to camp for activities, were brought in to be repurposed as various things in the skits.
The first skit was about Samson. Samson used crepe paper decorations from the dance for his hair, and a pool toy became the giant pillars of the Philistine temple. The second skit was about Joseph, Potiphar, and the dreams.  The final skit was about Solomon and the two women with the baby.  All were well done and they had us laughing.  Each year the skits get better and better.  We had fewer backs turned to the audience this year, and they were better about speaking loud so that we could hear. These skits make the Bible live, and were quiet unique, well planned out, and presented with gusto.
After the skits, Janet got out some snacks and I got out the paints so that we could finish the rock painting.  I had five campers who did the painting. The rest of the campers talked in the lounges or played various games in the salon.  I worked on the puzzle some with a few others, too, before turning in for the night.  It was a varied and successful day!