Monday's Activities at Camp

Monday, June 25, 2018
San Gil, Santander, Colombia
Monday June 25
Earlier in the week, I missed not having the Tamal for breakfast.   We had it today! It was a nice treat!
After breakfast, we had Compass Check with Rodolfo presenting today’s United Youth Camp Sub Theme of “Walk Worthy.”  He had two volunteers walk down a set of stairs. First, he asked the girl to walk down as if she were a princess descending a set of stairs from a plane.  Then he asked her to walk down the stairs like she was an ordinary person who did not care.  Then he asked the boy to walk down like a normal person, and the second time as if he was the president of the nation.  The president and the princess both carry themselves in a particular manner because of their job or their vocation.  We have a vocation as “Children of God.”  We are to carry ourselves in a manner that would represent our calling as Ambassador’s for Christ and future members of God’s family.  It was a very effective lesson.
We made another schedule change as rains and storms were forecasted for the afternoon.  Instead of swimming, we had the Amazing Race. Montana had organized the campers into four teams who would each work through 10 stations. Each staff member had a station or two to supervise. My activity was located in the garden by the restaurant. I had 15 cards that were five daily themes, five scripture references, and five verses written out. They had to match the themes with the scriptures and references and put them in the daily order.
Scott had an activity which was in a shady, heavily wooded area by the hammocks.  He was pestered by mosquitos—that was his challenge! J  His said he felt like a pin cushion. His activity for the campers included giving them a deck of regular playing cards. They had to put them in numerical order in their suits.  He said that some of the teams were very efficient, and some were very disorganized, or one person “had” to be in charge. Teamwork always produces the best results.  He thoroughly mixed up the cards again before each team arrived. Activities like these are not only for fun; they have lessons that teach them life skills.
Everyone ended up in the salon.  Montana gave points for the order they finished, points for the number of balloons they finished with (each team started off with three), and points for how tall a tower they created out of marshmallows and spaghetti. The winners received lollipops, and every participant received a tiny chocolate bar.
Shortly after we finished, we had lunch. We were looking forward to lunch as we were going to have hamburgers. After the first plate arrived, we were surprised! Instead of regular ground beef, they served a processed beef and soy veggie burger. It was tolerable, but very disappointing. Scott did not care for his at all. They said they served it because it was easier. It may have been easier, but it definitely didn’t taste better.  Janet (who planned the menu) said, “Note to self; make sure to specify that the hamburgers are made with ground beef.” Last year, we didn’t specify, and we didn’t have a problem. There is always something to keep us on our toes.
I used the time after lunch and during swimming time to work on my blog and upload photos. Then I went out to the pool and watched as the campers hit the ball around. I saw some pretty butterflies flying around and tried to get some shots of them. They are very hard to photograph as I have to use zoom and they keep flitting from flower to flower.
After swimming, we had Bible Games in the salon. Rodolfo divided the campers into two teams. He led them through a series of about six short games to keep the interest and energy high. They played Apostle, King, or Prophet. One team chose five names from the Bible, and the other team has to decide which of the three categories the name fit in.  Another game was Sword Drill.  Campers start with their Bible on their head. Rodolfo stated a scripture, and the first person to find it would stand up and read it. I was surprised at how fast they were in finding the scriptures. The last game that they played was Bible Charades. All had a great time! Scott was told to, “Be quiet, no hints allowed to the campers or staff.” J
After the Bible Games, there was free time until dinner.  I could tell that the campers were getting tired as they were all happy to hang out in the lounge areas talking. The puzzle that we all had been working on during camp got finished sometime today. We did some clean up and collecting of supplies in preparation of leaving tomorrow.
We had dinner, and then Jaime gave a Christian Living on how to walk worthy of our calling. After that, we had fellowship time, time for packing, and evening snacks. Scott spent a good part of the day talking with campers, and he felt like this year they were very receptive to building a relationship through talking and discussing their views on life through their lens and as it related to God’s way of life. Scott also spent some needed time with the kitchen staff and building a bond with them discussing several things from their humble perspective preparing food and serving without making a lot.


Bernie M

It is wonderful to see young people involved in activities. Many friendships start in wholesome activities together. Excellent pictures of the butterflies. Time to start planning for next year!