Loose Ends

Sunday, March 15, 2009
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
Trying to get things done before leaving the country for a month is more work than I envisioned. It's even harder when you live by yourself. Here is what I still need to do:

call credit card company and notify them (7 days before travel begins)
call bank and notify them
figure out what to do with Kelly for two weeks (should she stay home? go to my parents? arrange for some sitters )

figure out what gifts to get for my host families (but I still need to find out who I'll be staying with/how many I'll need)
buy a new blouse or two to wear under my rotary blazer
order backpack for my work laptop
start gathering toiletries, medicines, aspirin, etc.

pay bills for that month or at least have them ready to go for someone to mail
make copies of passport, drivers license, credit cards, etc. for people at home
pick up medication for travelers' diarrhea at pharmacy (which I hopefully won't have to use....too much)
get taxes filed (apt. is set for next weekend)
get everything done at work ahead of time ( at least the things that can be done ahead of time)
pick up extra dog food for Kelly when I'm gone
arrange for rides to and from the airport (Mom and Dad? one would think....)

attend pre-Easter celebration at my parents' on Palm Sunday (this will be 2nd year in a row I'll be gone on Easter. last year was in China)

find sub for kickboxing for one week (already found subs for 3 of the weeks I'll be gone)
order photos and put together album to show to host families
purchase some Moroccan money (dirhams) from the bank and/or credit gift card things if that is recommended
locate my $$ belt

keep practicing French/Arabic as much as possible
rest, stay healthy and work out as much as possible
stay excited and energized that this will be an opportunity of a lifetime!!
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