Loose Ends - Part III

Monday, March 30, 2009
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
Why does this list keep getting larger?!?! It seems like when I scratch something off, I add something. But I did make some good progress last week!


call credit card company and notify them ( Also requested replacement card as my current one is pretty ragged and my signature is smeared so bad it looks like something a 5-year-old would write.)

order photos and put together album to show to host families

figure out what to do with Kelly for two weeks
figure out what gifts to get for my host families (mostly done; still might pick up some Door County jam)

make copies of passport, drivers license, credit cards, etc. for people at home

get everything done at work ahead of time ( at least the things that can be done ahead of time)

pick up extra dog food for Kelly when I'm gone, as well as her medication from the vet (doing that today after work)

find subs for kickboxing

To do:
transfer some cash into Euros at the bank

withdraw cash from my bank

pick up combination locks (one for backpack, one for luggage when traveling via bus)

pick up pizza, beer, cereal, milk and chips for Ben to have at the house

pick up energy bars and any last-minute toiletries for me

clean out fridge for anything near expiration or has potential to grow something nasty on it

wash any clothes that need to be washed

get haircut (Friday)

pay Kohls bill (Friday)

attend pre-Easter family gathering (Sunday)

ask neighbor to water plants, check thermostat, run faucets and pick up mail when Ben is not there

call bank and notify them that I will be withdrawing cash from ATMs in Morocco (have to do this 3 days before I leave)

pay bills for that month or at least have them ready to go for someone to mail (mortgage, car insurance)

keep practicing French/Arabic as much as possible 

Pack, pack, pack! 
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