We're Here!

Saturday, April 11, 2009
Casablanca, Morocco
We're here!!!! I just called my sister via Skype, and she could hear me as clear as day.

It's 11:30 am Saturday, but really 6:30 am at home. The last 12 hours or so have been a little nuts. As soon as we got off the plane at JFK, we had to haul ourselves to another terminal, check in again, and board. The flight here went pretty well, but customs went slow. "Jalal," who is an assistant to the District Governor for Rotary, met us at the airport and brought us to this Ibis we are staying at. We're going to rest for a little while and then they will meet us in the hotel at 4:30. We know we are here tonight for sure, but not sure where we'll be tomorrow.

I'm pretty tired, and my legs are shaking as I write this. Not sure if it's from fatigue, culture shock, hunger, etc. I definitely need a short nap, as well as a shower. I look and feel as if I haven't showered in about 10 days. :)

Au revoire for now! :)
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