Saturday, April 11, 2009
Casablanca, Morocco
We survived our first day in Casablanca! After we got settled into the Ibis, we went on a hunt for a bank to exchange some money, then we all took short naps. We met Jalal, Mohammad and Rafi at 4:30, and then took us on a city tour. Jalal is a tax consultant, Mohammad is retired for the Air Force and has spent some time in the US and Rafi is a surgeon. When he said he was a surgeon, he made some kind of "cutting" motion with his hand, which was pretty funny. All three of them are very kind, generous and hospitable. Mohammad and Jalal speak pretty good English and Rafi speaks a little bit of it - so we can communicate well enough.

We stopped and took a photo near the largest mosque in Morocco, Hassan II . Then we went to have harira (Moroccan soup), bread and honey and mint tea at "Florida," near a surfers' beach (can't remember the name. Note to self: start carrying around the pocket notebook so I can write things down! ) We had a very nice time, and it was all delicious!

Now we are back at the hotel. I just called my mom via Skype and spoke with her for a bit. She was glad to here from me and asked if everyone there was "nice." :)

Until tomorrow,
Au revoire!
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