5 Things I Love About Morocco

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Casablanca, Morocco
(in no particular order).

1. The people: They are friendly, kind and genuinely seem very happy. The children are totally adorable.

2. The food: Harira, lamb tagine, seafood, almond cookies, olives in every size and shape, fresh fruit, dates, apricots, freshly squeezed orange juice, berries.....and I've only been here for five days!

3. The coffee and tea: the coffee is very strong, but I'm developing a taste for it. The mint tea is usually sweet, and different than how it tasted in China. It is also usually served in a small glass as opposed to a mug or small tea cup. I'm trying to master the way they pour it!

4. The weather: We heard we would be visiting during the best time of the year, and it is true. Most days are sunny with some clouds. It is breezy, and I'm already getting lightly tanned on the face, even though we haven't been outside a whole lot.

5. The kissing on the cheeks.  

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Re: What's not to like?
Hi Wendy! Thanks for commenting! Hope you are enjoying the blog so far! I haven't been able to visit a library yet, but I'm hoping to! I'll be very interested in seeing if they are much different than ours!

Au revoire!


You're making me hungry!
Glad things are going well, and I'm enjoying your blog!